Can an app change your life?

Short answer for me is, yes. And no, I don’t mean a dating app where the man of your dreams miraculously slides in your DM. I’m referring to


, the fitness app that acts as a membership to literally thousands of workout studios based on your location, for one monthly fee, AND all paid for and managed from your phone. I’ve been using it religiously for 7 months now (can I get an amen for kept New Year resolutions?), and have gotten a bunch of my personal friends on it, so wanted to share with all my social & blog friends, too! (that’s you reading this!). I’d also like to stipulate before we go ahead that this is in NO WAY sponsored, and I’m genuinely obsessed… Ok, so as most great stories start, I saw a picture of myself that I didn’t like. I’ll preface that by saying I have never really had an issue with body image (I realize that makes me sound like an asshole, but hear me out). I was always (and in ways still am) that annoying girl that ate whatever she pleased and actually had a problem keeping weight on (although, in fairness, that too is an issue in itself). If and when I did slightly fluctuate, and do to this day, it is always in my butt, hips & legs (again, I realize not the worst spots, but not fun for my pants). That’s why, in the aforementioned picture, I was SHOCKED to see that my arms were what looked less than favourable.

That was a new feeling. I immediately told Ryan, and myself, that this was a “slippery slope” and that I could not let my fellow Michelle (Obama) be the only one with nice arms. Cue ClassPass. The solution to my doughey guns and the only thing that has ever kept me diligent to any kind of work-out schedule.

Let me explain why…First of all, you choose the package

that works best for you based on price & cost. I started ambitiously with the highest 10 class/month option, and haven’t switched (but you do have the option to each month). It runs me, after tax, $129CAD per month, which I’m aware isn’t necessarily cheap, but that also is only about $13 a class and significantly less than dropping in at any speciality studio. Which brings me to my next point, the network of studios!! You can pick from

HUNDREDS of different studios and classes in your neighbourhood. That I think has been key to keeping my interest and commitment. Variety is after all, the spice of life. I should also mention that you book everything through your phone, and cancel through your phone as well. As long as you do so within 12 hours of the class starting, you aren’t penalized and the class goes right back to your monthly count to be used. This is also key to keeping you committed on days when you want to bail after work, or in the morning after a late night (helpful!!).

Another fun feature is that you can ‘add’ your pals

and see what classes they’re in so you can join and super motivational workout buddies. Equally fun is shaming them if you see they’re slacking on their classes for the month lol. If you’re in the Toronto area, my

FAVE studios that I recommend are:

Big Hit – fun kickboxing studio! I now go to their Park Lawn location which is SO convenient. Core box is my preferred class.

Studio Lagree – pilates on steroids, and the only kind I will do now that I’ve tried it. Makes me next-day-sore like nothing else.

Studio KO – right inside Studio Lagree (the convenience for me is too real lol). Also boxing, but circuit style and so intense and amazing.

One thing to note is that the packages do have ‘maximum visit’ restrictions.. ie. for me, I can only go to the same studio 3 of my 10 classes per month. So I’ll usually do 3x each of the above and then a wild card to keep it interesting (barre, spin, etc.).

I hope this inspires some of you to give it a try, or get back into whatever you have found to work for you for staying active, and keep me posted!!

Are you also on ClassPass? What are your fave classes or other apps, even?And a final special shoutout to all you kind folks who comment with the bicep and punch emojis when I post about this stuff in real time on @intl_peach

.DETAILS: wearing sports bra & work out capris by

VSX Victoria’s Secret Sport | grey tank by Forever21 | sneakers are Nike Frees | boxing gloves by Everlast | spin shot taken at Aura Fitness | boxing shots taken at Big Hit Park Lawn xx



  1. October 4, 2017 / 12:45 am

    Ok wandered over from previous post & LOVING this post, Mich! I had no idea such an app existed!! Will be checking this out just as soon as mama’s cleared for working out. Because you know… I now have a bit of an issue with my weight… ;-))

  2. Ashley
    December 17, 2017 / 6:52 pm

    This app sounds amazing! I have a gym pass, but love my hot yoga sessions and have wanted to start Kickboxing again – so this sounds like the perfect way to have all 3. I’m definitely going to look into this.

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