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Hi everyone, happy Sunday! Obvious fact about me: I love to travel (duh), but not-so-obvious fun fact is that I read Conde Nast Traveler mag religiously, and I always love the section where they have some very cultured individual answering a rapid fire Q&A on their travel experiences.

So, I thought it would be fun to answer one of my own given I get so many questions about my trip planning and vacays on social.

Hope you enjoy it + get to know me a little better & maybe find some useful tips too. Always love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below or @intl_peach on

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Checked bag or carry on?

Always checked. I used to try to assert my ability to pack light with carry ons and ended up hating my life lugging a v heavy duffle through the airport. To that point, invest in good easy roll luggage even for your checked bag. & carry on now is an open top tote with easily accessible compartments.

In flight must haves?

Water bottle, lip balm, saje’s peppermint halo headache roller, hand sanitizer, neck pillow and non-earbud style headphones.

Describe your travel uniform

For long haul flights, leggings, sneakers and a light loose tee and light sweater (layers are key).

For short haul, I usually do a distressed denim or skinny jean, booties or flat sandals (depending on the climate I’m headed) & a light long sleeve top.

Favourite place in the world

So tough, but so far, I’d have to say Tahiti. For the fact that it’s natural beauty is unreal and it’s so different than anywhere else I’ve been. You can read my full Tahiti travel diary here.

Best trip ever

Probably Greece — it had been on my bucket list so long and has a mix of all my fave things about travelling (beach, history, food & unique beauty). Plus, we went in off season and it felt like we had the whole place to ourselves.

Runner up would be Hawaii with my best girlfriends. We explored all of Oahu and had the best beach days and learned to surf.

Tips for booking a trip

Subscribe to travel sites (like a TravelZoo or YYZ Deals) to get sent deals straight to your inbox. Also, research city guides of your fave publications/blogs for top spots to visit and what to see when there, and consider booking separately through the source which is sometimes cheaper. Cost everything out because sometimes it’s surprising to see that a farther or more lavish destination isn’t much more out of reach when considering time of year, exchange rates, etc.

Favourite airline

I’m always comfortable on air canada (plus I’m a point collector/redeemer with aeroplan) so I gravitate to book with them.

But as far as favourite, air Tahiti nui for the complimentary eye mask & the best on board breakfast ever (tropical crepes!)

I never fly without…

My neck pillow & iPad. Easiest way to make the time pass.

No matter how long the flight, I’d never…

Poop, hah. Or at least I try not to. Airplane bathrooms are my nightmare.

In flight movies or reading?

Both! I’ve usually already seen all the movies available on the plane but can happily bang out a few back to back. Lately with more flights not having tvs though, I’ve resorted to reading which is great for my never ending book list.

In flight film pick?

Either a new release if by luck there’s one I haven’t seen, OR I check the ‘kids’ tab for some classics. I recently watched the parent trap and bawled my eyes out LOL.

What I do when I’m hosting out of towners at home (in TO)?

If I’m the one hosting the travellers I always try to take them to a good brunch at one of my fave local spots. Also, if in season, a raps game is a must.

A stroll through neighbourhoods with cool boutiques to browse is a good way to get a feel of the city and get some nice take home non-cheesy souvenirs (can’t go wrong with queen west) & a stop at the st Lawrence market. The historic district was my first home when I moved right into the city core and I feel like it’s so underrated and not seen by enough visitors.

Last minute foolproof packing list

A nude strapless bra (goes with any outfit)

Extra bikinis & underwear (I switch a couple times a day)

iPhone & portable charger + underwater camera for pics

A couple simple jewelry pieces to wear with everything

Sunglasses & a sun hat

Travel size of all my toiletries that can go in my carry on tote because I’m terrified my luggage will be lost & I’ll have no products

Travel beauty essentials

A really good facial moisturizer (I love ole henrikson), make up wipes, eye drops, bronzer & brow pencil. Of course, tons of spf if I’m going somewhere sunny.

SHOP SUGGESTIONS FROM THIS POST: checked carry on luggage –

DVF Saluti Line | water bottle – Swell Palm Beach | Headache Roller – Saje Peppermint Halo | Comfy Headphones – Frends Rose Gold | Nude Strapless Bra – Body by Victoria

| Affordable bikini (similar to pictured) – H&M triangle | Underwater Camera – Olympus Tough Waterproof/Shockproof | Sunhat – H&M Straw Hat| Travel Size Skincare – OleHenriksen Traveling Wonders set


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