Instagram Etiquette & Faux Pas

Ok y’all, consider this a little op-ed from yours truly about some things that I see A LOT of on Insta but really consider annoying – now, keep in mind that these are all my humble opinions and aren’t mean to offend anyone, but as someone who aside from recently putting energy into this site again was exclusively using Instagram & Twitter, I feel like they are pretty valid and probably shared.Take a read & let me know your thoughts – do you agree? Disagree? Would love to hear!


To start, yes, I think everyone has expressed disdain for algorithms imposed when Facebook bought Instagram that hinder organic follower growth and don’t show content to your full list of followers… I am totally onside with that frustration (especially that I can’t get a business account without a FB page… can a girl get a ‘swipe up’ on her stories?!), but without sounding too judgey, these pet peeves are more a result of individual behaviours. Such as:

FULL CONVO COMMENTS – you all know that couple who leaves novel-length exchanges on each other’s comments. K, we get it, you’re together. We will note to not slide into your partner’s DMs lol. Please take a breather and send a text instead. A cute comment here or there is appreciated & even sweet, but this is just too much & desperate looking (again, IMO).

BASIC BISH BIOS – on a similar note, literally NOTHING grinds my insta gears more than women (or even sometimes men) who’s only identifying trait in their bio is ‘wifey’ (or ‘hubz’)… add in a high school date marker (08.16.18 <3), and I’m literally dumb founded. Do you not have anything else that may share something interesting about yourself aside from the fact that you married someone or are a ‘bride to be’? I’m proud to have an identity aside from being someone’s partner (even if just a cheeky cute glance into my interests), and I would hope that in 2017 more other women do too. I love seeing people happy and in love (& am definitely down for some ring/wedding inspo and #couplegoals for sure), but again, if that’s ALL you’re about, you should be on eHarmony and not Instagram.VIDEO CREEPERS – you know the ones. Who never ONCE have liked one of your pics and you’re only reminded they even follow you because within seconds of posting a story, they’re your first view. They appear in the form of ex boyfriends, work colleagues or even sometimes friends. This just in: WE CAN SEE YOU. If you really find someone that interesting, show their content some love! I bet they will appreciate it!

LOOP GIVEAWAYS – I’m a little biased with these because I am so not lucky in the form of winning stuff (literally can’t even get a coffee with roll up the rim lol), but I more so dislike these because they have just gotten so lavish that they’re a million people deep. I do not have the attention span to click through 50 accounts just to follow them all and comment, that’s for sure (hence why I’m on an instantaneous social media site). Plus, the images are consistent for ease of following, but that’s just boring to me. Personally, I think if the loop is kept small, it can work, but just not my thing.

FOLLOW & DELETE TACTICS – back to the point about shoddy algorithms, I get Instagram creates opportunities for a lot of people to grow a business or make partnership cash and that there is pressure to have high numbers. BUT I also think it’s kind of an asshole move to mindlessly follow a large group of people, and then unfollow them shortly after in hopes that some who have reciprocated won’t notice. Here’s why – I’ve had that happen to me with accounts that I actually love and in some cases already follow (or followed back because I liked their feed) & it kinda makes me not like them anymore lol. Especially because I genuinely try to show love to cool pages & engage. Keep in mind you could be actually putting off some dope genuine social pals like this.

To close, I will say that obviously the pros of Instagram still far outweigh these little faux pas – namely, the opportunity to find SO MUCH DAILY INSPO. I can’t tell you how much décor, travel locations, recipes and outfits are in my saved folder, and I still love seeing beautiful images (that’s why I got so hooked on the app to begin with). So hopefully, I’m in turn putting some of that inspo back out to the social community with proper etiquette, and making some friends feel good with a fire or rocket emoji here and there ;).


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