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Hola, friends!

Was inspired to write this post because a. after rearranging the office for the five millionth time lol, I want a new substantial plant for in there, and b.

any time I post anything on my insta with foliage everyone gets excited — That’s pretty awesome because plants also get me excited, and I wanted to share the indoor options I’m into (& have found to survive) since they can really change a room AND have other benefits, if you pick right. Keep in mind while I have called out some specifics, all of these are fairly low maintenance and have been found to do just fine in not-so-optimal condo conditions.

Lastly, these are just the types, but if you want more about where I buy each kind + best spots to find cool planters, give me a shout or leave a comment & I’d be happy to share more xx

Here we go!

If you want low maintenance

Succulents or air plants are for you. These babies are freaken cute, come in so many types and a variety of sizes for any style, and are truly the lowest of the low maintenance. Despite being v trendy, I have had so many friends tell me they actually can’t keep their cacti alive. If that sounds like you, I promise it’s because you are doing too much, which usually is in the form of overwatering. I water my succulents once a week (I do the same day so it’s easy), and only a few DROPS. If you were using a measuring cup, I’m talking water to the first notch mark for a larger one. That’s it. Air plants will need even less, and I sit mine in a cup or bowl of shallow water for about 10-15 mins every couple of weeks.

If you want statement making + survival

I am a huge proponent of banana leaf plants for this!! Given their tropical nature, they actually do great in condos, and can be bought large and impactful right off the bat, or with room to grow, which they do pretty quickly. We have one in our living room (named Jumangi lol), and it is THRIVING and getting massive and I’m so excited. It has this one leaf that I want to open up so badly, I pretty much rub it like I’m starting a fire everyday to try and force it lol. But I digress. For watering, I give it two cups of filtered water once a week and otherwise leave her alone (not actually sure if filtered makes a difference, but only the best for my plants lol). They do great with LOTS of natural sunlight.

Fiddle fig plants are comparable in size with a slightly different leaf, and do similarly well if you’re looking for a larger look with potential to grow.

If you want beauty + benefits

Funny enough, my boyfriend has a very keen interest in air quality, especially since we moved into our condo, and so unlike some other ‘decor’ purchases, he was all for more plants in our place. While I believe all give off some form of added oxygen, not all are created equal. If you’re also interested in cleaner air & removing pollutants (especially for us condo dwellers) then consider peace lillies, snake plants and aloe vera. Peace lillies like more shade, moderate water and will give you those pretty flowers in the summer. Snake plants grow really well, need occasional watering as well and like some sun. Aloe is less picky and needs very little water similar to a succulent (+ when the leaves get big enough you can actually get fresh aloe out of them!). For non-air related benefits, I love a lavender plant for it’s scent! Very easy to maintain, relieves stress (even if you choose a dried bouquet of it and rub the pieces between your fingers.. I like that option for a desk), AND deters spiders. So I mean, amen to that. Check out my recent

day trip to a lavender farm for more on my love of it!

If you want fresh & simple

While potted plants are awesome, those who follow me know I pretty much always have fresh flowers in our home as well. Some people may chirp that they’re a waste of money, but they make me happy and can have decent staying power. For the last couple of years, roses are my go to because they’re beautiful and a dozen can be split into a few vases throughout the house. Mine usually last up to two weeks with a bit of food in each vase & COLD water. I usually clean them up a bit and change the water at the one week mark. I also love a good wild looking arrangement and those usually have more durable blooms mixed in and are perfect for the upcoming fall season. TIP: scooping these options from a market or Costco (surprisingly) is a big cost save & gives you lots of variety to pick from.


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