City Guide: Most Insta-Worthy Brunch Spots in Toronto

Let me start by saying that one of the most frequently asked questions I get is what are my best brunch spots. It isn’t all that surprising considering if you’ve been following me for basically any amount of time longer than a week lol, you know that I’m obsessed with brunch. I go often, I make it often and there are no time restraints around when I can (& do) enjoy it —

That being said, I was having a really hard time nailing down my reccos for the ‘best’ brunch spots, because best really is subjective. While I love a little greasy hole in the wall spot as much as I do a fancy treat, I feel like for the full experience, you have to be so into your brunch that you can’t help but share it. That’s why I’ve instead rounded up the most-insta worthy brunch spots in the city… great if you’re visiting Toronto, or hopefully still inspiring if you live here and want to try something new. I get A LOT of questions on social about where I go, and these are the spots you would definitely see me at.

Would love to hear your thoughts & faves, too! & if you love food guides, check out my recent one for the YYC-ers xx

Mildred’s Temple Kitchen – or if you’re me, aka. ol’ faithful. This was, and is, probably my all-time tried and true spot. Nice and bright with gorg décor, a little patio and a kick-ass (and consistent) menu. Great huevos or bene, but always get a at least one of their famous pancakes on the side (as pictured lol).

Figo – right in the city core so very convenient for visitors, I first went here with Ryan for a valentines brunch last year and have been back countless times since. The décor is actually #goals (you’ve probably seen insta shots of their rose mural ceiling), and the menu is legit. Do try one of their freshly made frittatas or baked goods & ask for their house-made chilli oil to drench it all with.

La Palma – another one popping up all over insta, and a (literal) bright spot on the block. The avo toast is amazing, and second only to the decor — which is all aqua marine brush strokes and booths with big windows and plants. A must visit.

Colette Grand Cafe – another all-time tried and true favourite that I can’t help but photograph every time I visit. The $75 Sunday brunch price tag and necessary reso are worth the incredible all-you-can-eat spread.

Wish Restaurant – this is probably the most under visited spot on the list, and even I’m guilty of forgetting about it (hence why I don’t have an up to date snap)! But I can promise you that the laid back all-white decor is a dream for those with a bright aesthetic, and the patio and food are top notch.

Portland Variety – Another place you’re best to book a reservation for, but very conveniently located for after brunch activities. I personally love the vibe and the blue & white dishware, and you can’t go wrong with a single thing on the menu.

Sud Forno – for the Torontonians, you probably know this as Terroni’s take out couterpart, but for a grab and go style breakfast, this place is amazing (bonus that they just opened a second location, but I still like the original one best). The city’s BEST bombalones (that’s cream or chocolate hazelnut filled doughnuts if you’re not familiar). Amazing coffee, too.

Cafe CanCan – disclaimer, I haven’t actually been here yet and my feed is probably suffering for it lol. Keep an eye on my page for pastelly photo evidence soon. I felt given it’s recent popularity, it deserved a spot on this list.


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