A Guide to Tackling Moving Season

HAPPY OCTOBER!! While we’ve officially made it through the back-to-school rush and into my favourite month, there’s no doubt that fall continues to be a very busy time thanks to moving season. Especially with the housing market in Toronto right now, moving season is in full swing and I have a ton of friends looking to jump shit from their current digs. Because I vividly remember how much I hated moving throughout university, into our last condo and most recently into our first owned home, I’ve partnered with Tower Moving to share a guide to tackling moving season!

Let me start by saying that hiring these guys is among the best money I’ve ever  spent (up there with my Dyson, lazer hair removal, and of course, travel). It’s money I’ll happily spend again when we decide to upgrade out of our condo and into a larger house. The below tips are a great guideline to their expertise and overall no BS mantra (their pricing has no hidden fees), and if that doesn’t sell you take a look at their truck and I think you’ll see you’re in good hands lol — I’m obsessed with their branding! They’re the millennials of movers for sure.

TIP # 1: Honesty is the best policy – while this obviously applies to life in general, the same can be said when filling out a moving quote. Tower’s online form has count boxes for common items that help to generate an accurate quote. Under exaggerating will only lead to pricing disappointment for you, and even worse a smaller truck, crew and other supplies that could have been allotted to make your life easier.

TIP #2: Plan ahead – packing should not be left till the night before! I know this first hand and the pros have reiterated to me that it will take longer than you expect & you do have more shit than you think lol. They recommend packing in sections or by room to make the work manageable and spread out. That also means you’ll probably be more diligent with the extra details like wrapping breakables and labelling boxes. Tower assures me that the movers will know best how to wrap tough items on-site and come with all the materials you wouldn’t have (think floor runners, moving pads to protect edges, etc.). Planning ahead also gives time for you to make special requests like extra mattress covers  or wardrobe boxes, which all are included btw.

TIP #3: Leave it to the pros – day of, let the guys do their thing! That’s what you paid for isn’t it?! I know better than anyone how hard it is to relinquish control, but hiring professionals allows you to step back and let everything be expedited properly. Of course you should be on-site to answer any questions and deal with any other logistics with closing and gaining access to the new place. Bonus is these guys are great with helping to deal with elevator time and loading area queries if your new spot is a condo (they did for me and it was such a relief).

Please do send me any questions if you’re moving + visit Tower Moving for more of what they offer and to get your quote started. I highly recommend their media installation package for mounting all your tvs!!
Tell ‘em I sent ya and get an ever sweeter deal! xx


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  1. Jessica
    October 27, 2017 / 8:26 pm

    Speak from experience, these guys are the BEST!!!!!

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