Not Obvious Beauty Swaps for Fall

As you’ve all heard me say, fall is my fave season and I think we all like to try to capitalize and make fresh changes when the weather is transitioning (see my faul haul here!). I know a lot of people that can make simple beauty swaps for fall like a darker lip or nail shade, but for me the changes are not so obvious —

I don’t feel myself with a bold lip (nude shades forevah), and the same goes with my mani… especially because I wear my nails a longer oval shape and have long fingers & a complex I will look witch-y LOL. My friends tell me both look nice, but I can’t get past it!

That being said, there a few things beauty swaps that make a big difference for me…
Firstly, I’m all about a swap to heavier formulas such as a more-moisturizing option over my serum at night and/or adding a face oil in the mix. Same goes for anything mattifying (like primers or micellar waters) — those babies get switched to the ‘normal’ skin variety to avoid losing the dewiness that tends to come with summer heat. I’m loving this ‘Good Hydrations‘ one.

Secondly, whereas unlike most I actually ease up on bronzer in the summer because I have a decent tan if I’m outside or vacationing somewhere hot already, in  the fall I try to maintain a faux-sunkissed look. My fave go-to, non-orangey option is this ‘Mineral Glow’. Also, I recently tried this contour palette from bareMinerals & am obsessed!!

Lastly, again, unlike most I don’t darken or change my hair colour for fall, but I’m definitely about a style update. I try to wear more ‘down’ styles since frizz is less of a problem, and I’ve been considering the option of bangs. Tbd lol.

What are your fall beauty swaps?! xx


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