Investing in a Workout Wardrobe

Hello, friends! It’s the start of a new year (happy 2018, btw!!) and since I know a lot of our resolutions revolve around fitness and wellness (mine included), I thought I’d share thoughts & fave finds for investing in a workout wardrobe. Tbh, before I started working out regularly this time last year, it was something I couldn’t really justify. However, if like me you’ve found your groove and run out of options faster than you can do laundry, you should read on —

Something I can never have enough of  in my workout wardrobe and do not feel a bit of remorse investing in are workout leggings – because let’s face it, you can’t have a no-pants party at the gym. Criteria to consider when looking that I don’t purchase unless ALL are met: must be high waisted (since my workout of choice is boxing, I can’t have them slipping down when I have gloves on), must pass the squat test (no see through buns here) and must be a sports/athletics brand (keep reading for my reasoning & one exception on that).

I would also say at least one pair of work out shorts is essential to a solid workout wardrobe because they’re a great option for high-intensity work outs on hot days, and a few cropped leggings at minimum are a worthwhile investment as well. I recently got the kind of boxy throw over tee shirt style sweatshirt that you see me wearing above, and find it so useful for running between workouts I also gifted the same one to some of my girlfriends!

As far as my point on name-brand leggings, my fave pairs are from Nike, Reebok and Lole. I have gone the cheapy route and just don’t find they hold up as well in class as far as keeping their shape or keeping dry. The one exception to that are ones from Victoria’s Secret which I’ve mentioned many times on social are a fave (I love the Knock Out style). I can justify spending more on bottoms for my workout wardrobe since I can get away with less supportive and inexpensive options up top (yay for smaller boobies!). However, you do want to make sure you have 4-5 good sport bras. Loose shirts with built in bras are also good bang for your buck and a personal fave.

Another must have if you’re investing in a workout wardrobe is at least one long sleeve dri-fit shirt. These are great for running in the cooler months, layering for any winter sports, or even just more leisurely activities (I’ve worn mine skating, for example).

Versatile sneakers are obviously also something worth investing in since they’re a need versus a want. I have a love for sneakers outside of working out, but time and time again I buy Nike Frees for my workouts. They are legit all I wear for class. For just walking around, I also have the Adidas Tubulars in every colour lol.

Lastly, I have a few miscellaneous additions to any good workout wardrobe that I’ve found to be SO useful and make working out feel like less of a chore. If like me you do pilates (or barre) you definitely want some non-slip toe socks. They look kind of weird, but are v cheap and so good to keep your stance and not be barefoot on studio floors that freak me out (ocd). Staying on the no-slip topic for a sec, a towel for yoga that provides grip is the perfect complement to a THICK yoga mat (caps to emphasize I hate the thin ones that my spine goes through when I’m in shavasna .. so not calming!). You also want a water bottle that will keep your water cold (I’m obsessed with mine, which you can shop below) and of course, a backpack to hold all these things is a FANTASTIC investment (I just got the one linked below and am obsessed! Bonus that it doubles for an awesome travel carry on and wipes down easy).

Shoot me a comment & let me know if you found this helpful and any pieces you purchased for working out that are worth the $$!


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