Winter Must-Reads to Get You Through the Season

You guys have really enjoyed my book lists for Summer & Fall, so I thought I would continue the tradition with my winter must-reads because let’s be honest, what better time to get cozy and pass the time than right now? It is cold and damn depressing BUT I could not put these down, and they all offer a nice refuge from taking Netflix binging to borderline unhealthy levels (no judgement, but let’s be better in 2018, ya?).

I’ve linked them all so you don’t even have to step outside to get your hands on them!! No excuses!!

What’s on your book list this season? Any I’ve missed? Comment below, would love to hear from you xx

The Woman in the Window by A.J. Finn – this one is brand spanking new (just released this month) but offered that page-turning thriller read I’ve been missing for quite some time!! I definitely got Gone Girl vibes, and I am not mad at that. Premise revolves around a woman suffering from Agoraphobia (won’t leave her house) who sees (or does she?) disturbing stuff from her new neighbours across the way. There is already a movie in the works so for those who like to get the jump on reading the book first, this one should top your winter must-reads.

The Glass Castle by Jeanette Walls – ok, so I was a little behind on this one given the movie already came and went, but if you like memoirs and plots surrounding family dynamics, this is a must! It’s also a quick read so a good way to ease into your winter must-reads if you’ve been slow to start. It’s been on the New York Times best sellers list for actual years & is a Heather’s Pick at Indigo where I get almost all of my books and have found to be spot on with reccos.

All Is Beauty Now by Sarah Faber – Again, if you like family dynamics this is a mystery of a missing girl from a well-to-do family where each chapter is told from the perspective of someone in her immediate family. They are dysfunctional AF and it did make me a little sad (deals with some mental health issues and such), but I guess that’s a sign the writing was good and I loved the setting of Brazil. A bit slower paced, but worth checking out as a part of your winter must-reads.

3 Times a Day by Marilou – a little bit of a different read but I love this one because it’s cookbook meets coffee table book. The photography is so pretty, and it’s a nice departure from super healthy cookbook options when you’re craving some winter comfort food (think homemade pizza pockets. I die.) I also love the addition of pre-set ‘entertaining’ menus within, that are suggested pairings of recipes across categories.

Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng – Ok, so this one I haven’t finished yet (I normally like to suggest ones I’ve quality tested for ya), but it is already so, so good! I’m excited to see what happens, so had to include it. It has gotten amazing reviews, and deals with tensions of two families who are a landlord/tenant relationship (& their surrounding community) over a custody battle that has them disagreeing over a friend looking to adopt a Chinese baby. I haven’t gotten to the adoption bit yet, but already am so intrigued by the family members.


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