Our Wedding Floral Inspo

Well, it’s not quite the month of love yet, but here by popular demand (I so appreciate all of your feedback, btw!), I’m sharing our wedding floral inspo eeeep!!!

As you already know, I’m obsessed with flowers and this is definitely one of the most looked forward to parts of the wedding planning process for me hands down. Below are the exact images that we’ve been using as our wedding floral mood board when we meet with different potential florists for the big day.

Obviously these are all over the place as far as colour schemes, table settings, etc., but I think they show what we’re going for with the overall vibe really well (romantic & effortless are where it’s at!).
Are our wedding floral ideas what you expected?! Anything you REALLY love from the below or think we should consider? xx 

As you can see, I’m definitely going for a more wild, undone look, and want a lot of whites and greens with contrasting pops. I love roses, anemones and ranunculus, and lucky for me they’re in season! The girls’ will be the same look, just slightly smaller in scale.
(Image source: @blushandbloom)
(Image source: @blushandbloom)

This is the ‘wow’ piece for sure — we want it for our ceremony, and then we’ll move it into the reception area. I would prefer all flowers like in the first versus drapery but am not opposed to either. Definitely square though, and only two posts.
(Image source: @blushandbloom)
(Image source: @huntandgatherfloral)

These get a little all over the place LOL, but again I still feel like the vibe is consistent. We will be doing a mix of high and low centrepieces, and the vases for each will be subtle and again incorporate some contrast. I love that the tall ones pictured have a stand that you can see through (I don’t like obstructed line of sight at the table). We will also be doing a mix of candle heights, and are considering individual greenery or a small bloom of some sort for each place setting.
(Image source: @blushandbloom) (Image source: @margoandme) (Image source: @homeyohmy)  (Image source: @huntandgatherfloral) (Image source: @greenweddingshoes)

Our reception room has a gorgeous wood burning fire place so we are looking to incorporate another floral installation there. We won’t be mimicking the first image since it will be winter and our fireplace will be lit (hah), but I loved it too much not to share. Ours will ideally look more like the second image below. As far as the pups’ floral collar (do you die?), if we expand our family before the wedding (FINGERS CROSSED) & can get a few months of training in, I love the idea of having our fur babies on site with one of these. Lastly, I think the final picture is a bit much tbh, but I have asked for some *light hanging greenery from the chandeliers in our venue SWOON.
(Image source: @loversland) (Image source: @huntandgatherfloral) (Image source: @greenweddingshoes)
(Image source: unknown)


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