Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Since it’s officially February, thought I’d take a moment to share my thoughts on Valentine’s Day, and consequently, a Valentine’s Day gift guide! While I don’t believe that our actions on February 14th should be all that different than a regular day (you should always be showing your partner appreciation and affection!!), I do think it’s a nice opportunity for your partner to spoil you… see what I did there? lol.

SHOP | 1. rose gold book ends | 2. velvet ring box | 3. scalloped card holder | 4. ole henrikson moisturizer | 5. rosebud lip salve | 6. star sign jewelry set | 7. leather file sorter | 8. nike prestos | 9. wick-cutter & snuffer set | 10. volupsa lychee candle | 11. incense kit | 12. textured throw pillow | 13. plant mister | 14. blush block heels | 15. coffee table book |

So share this post as a not-so-subtle hint, or if you’re not celebrating with anyone this year, I think that’s an even better excuse to treat yo’self! All of the gifts I’ve picked out for this Valentine’s Day gift guide are practical, pretty and NOT cheesy (no one out of grade school needs a dust collecting weird teddy bear, thank you very much).

I am especially obsessed with the desktop organization, both pairs of shoes, that adorable candle wick-cutter and snuffer set & that flower mister!! Because btw, flowers are always mandatory, and I don’t want to hear any excuses about how they’ll die because now you’ll have a mister! 🙂 I also included a ring box like the one I have and got so many questions about, which is a great pick for any bride-to-be’s in your life (or just as a nice thought for your Mrs.)!

What are your faves? Do you celebrate Vday? xx 


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