Travel Guide: 48 Hours in Sedona, AZ

If you read my travel guide to Phoenix & Scottsdale last week, you’ll know that I promised a separate post dedicated to our time in Sedona… & here it is! Everyone we spoke to in Phoenix and Scottsdale told us we “HAD” to check out Sedona while we were visiting so make sure that’s a part of your plans if you’re in the area to avoid extreme FOMO lol. I wanted to split up these guides for a couple of reasons;
1. because you can definitely get your fix of Sedona in a weekend if your tight on time like we were, and
2. because it is SUCH a different vibe than the cities to the South.
Read on to find out what is so special about Sedona, and what should you tackle in a 48 hour visit! As always, questions/comments are welcomed! xx

The Vibe
Sedona feels like a totally different place largely because it looks like one. A two hour drive North will leave most of the cacti and succulents behind (though you will see HUNDREDS of wild ones en route), and have you looking at a much more mountaneous and forest-like landscape.

Beyond the geography though, Sedona has extremely strict laws of what businesses are allowed in and what they can look like, so you get a very cohesive environment (legit McDonald’s out there has a light teal logo because the golden arches were just not up to par. I aint mad at the aesthetic, y’all).

A nod to past architecture is evident too, especially at the beyond charming Tlaquepaque Village – a collection of very curated pedestrian-access-only artisan shops nestled in courtyards spanning a couple blocks. A definite must visit for shopping and pictures!

The Redrocks & Energy Vortexes
The main thing you’ve probably heard of in relation to Sedona are the Redrocks. Yeup, you guessed it, they are huge red rock formations and craters that are a sight to behold, my friends. A great way to get an in depth view (like we did), is via a helicopter ride over them. Definitely a bucket list moment for both Ryan and I. I was a bit nervous, but we had a completely clear day and I was shocked at how smooth it was. There’s also hot air balloon rides, off roading and horseback riding tours in the area if that stirkes your fancy a bit more.

Another thing you may have heard about Sedona, is that it sits on some very powerful energy vortexes. These are actually different swirling centers of energy that are said to have different powers. We were right over one called the ‘masculine vortex,’ that is said to have the ability to make what you visualize and manifest come true. Apparently though, you have to think very hard and specific about what it is you want. I’m super into that kind of stuff, so enjoyed learning about it (as do the thousands of tourists who come from all over the world to experience it). There are also tons of crystal, smudge sticks and other ‘good vibe only’ items to peruse and purchase while you’re in the area.

L’Auberge De Sedona
I’m going to ask that we take a moment of silence for this hotel lol. It sounds fancy AF, and it is, but in a totally welcoming way. Ryan and I were the youngest peeps around based on who we saw, but never felt out of place. The rooms are next level (modern cottage décor with super comfy four post King beds and a massive shower.  I die), the service was impeccable (24 hour free shuttles all around the area), the food at the restaurants was incredible and the grounds are SO serene.  There’s also a beautiful spa and outdoor heated pool to enjoy.

Sedona is also known for its stargazing and I have never in my life seen anything like it. If you think going up north in Toronto is clear, you have no idea. It literally felt like we were in a dome of lights or one of those fake ceilings that they sometimes have in movie theatres or bowling alleys lol. SO BEAUTIFUL.

Food with a view
For dinner, Cress at L’Auberge is a 3 or 4 course outdoor dining experience right on a creek that runs through the hotel. It was SO dreamy and the food was amazing. I’m sure the menu changes all the time, but I had a lobster bisque, melon and greens salad and a fish/scallop entrée. The on site brunch restaurant Etch was maybe even better with too many good options to choose from – apple & pear pancakes, avo toast with crab, custom omelettes and traditional egg breakfasts.

A 2 minute drive from the hotel is Mariposa’s – a latin inspired grill with panoramic views of the Redrocks. We had a full meal (very good), but you can also just park yourself infront of one of the many fire pits for a cocktail to watch the sunset.

Lastly, for more Mexican style tapas, there’s Tii Gavo in the Enchantment Resort – make resos because it’s a small space, but the tacos (carne was my personal fave) and chicken chimichangas were delcious. Again, there’s a large outdoor patio with pretty views if you go before it gets dark.



  1. M
    February 24, 2018 / 4:02 pm

    Love the way you describe your travels. Feel like we are right there with you. Thank You!

  2. March 1, 2018 / 1:36 pm

    Sedona looks so nice and I’ve been thinking about going there for a short trip! I didn’t know about the ‘aesthetics’ part of it (who’s complaining?!) and the whole energy thing is also really interesting to learn about!

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