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Hey, everyone! Happy April! Wrapping up a few shortened weeks thanks to Easter can make getting back into the swing of work tricky, especially so if you work from home. So I’ve rounded up a few easy ways that I stay focused when I’m able to work from home, AND linked all my home office essentials for you to shop 🙂

So if you’re reading this, does it qualify as working hard, or hardly working? I’m going with the former, x.

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Have A Proper Workspace
Ok, so getting to work from home can make it tempting to just pull your laptop into your bed, but that is going to do nothing for your focus (or posture). Having a designated workspace (as you would in an office) is an easy way to help you stay accountable throughout the day, and have everything you need within arms reach. If you don’t have a full room, any designated surface/seating area with your tools will do!

Get Up At The Same Time
Yeup, you read that right. If you’re able to work from home, going about your morning routine as you regularly would is a really easy way to feel on top of your shit for the day. I don’t mean you have to put on a full face of makeup, but set your alarm for the same time, pull yourself together, get out of your pjs (even if only into something else comfy) and make your coffee/breakfast before settling into that workspace we talked about! On the other hand, make sure you’re also taking breaks/lunch as you normally would — work from home should not mean you don’t drink water for 12 hours.

Prep For Your Day
Whether I’m at the office or pulling a work from home day, planning is essential. I make sure that my to-do list is updated first thing, and that my calendar for the week is organized with my work deadlines and personal stuff. On that note, make sure you have what you need to get through those tasks based on your type of work (just a laptop may be fine for most days, but think ahead if you’ll also need access to a printer, scanner, etc.).

Keep Up With Meetings 
While a work from home day is a godsend in banging out those tasks you need some peace and quiet for, make sure you’re still scheduling meetings as you would any other day. Taking part in calls shows your colleagues/peers/clients that you’re easily accessible remotely and makes them feel confident that you’re not slacking off. Try to also squeeze in face-to-face meetings that can get put to the back burner when you’re tied to an office.

Don’t Go Overboard with Personal Tasks
Listen, I’ll be the last to tell you to not squeeze in a lunchtime workout or throw in a load of laundry or take out something to thaw for dinner, BUT if you get carried away with personal tasks your work from home day can quickly turn into a bust. Keep any personal stuff you’re doing (aside from taking your full lunch to do whatever you please!) to a minimum of 5mins at a time. If it’s something that requires more time than that to get through, you should probably hold off.


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