My Wedding Day Beauty Prep

Hey there, peaches! It’s been a minute since I shared in-depth on the wedding planning front, but you can bet it’s been going full force! As I mentioned in my last update, my look will largely be centered around THE dress, but now that that’s secured (eeeeep, I love it!) I have to start thinking about my overall wedding day beauty prep –

To start, and just as important in my wedding day beauty prep as the dress really, is making sure my smile is wedding white! As you’ll see below with my makeup inspo images, they all have a very neutral/nude lip which has always been my go-to and will be for the day of as well. That’s why a huge part of my wedding day prep is using Crest 3D White Whitestrips with Light! With a nude lip you need your teeth to be THAT much whiter, and to be honest, I’ve used Crest Whitestrips for years now as a periodic refresh for my smile, and the results for this new system are even better thanks to the blue light technology. This is the same light that would be used if you went to the actual dentist, y’all!! Not to mention, the Crest 3D White Whitestrips with Light are faster working (only 10 treatments) than other ones I’ve used and last 36 months so I won’t even need to stress about it again come wedding crunch time in December. I plan to be smiling A LOT and need to be sure there is no-off white in sight for our photos! I’ve gotten my bridesmaids on the bandwagon too, because I can’t believe how good I felt at my makeup trial and I want them to be just as confident for all the pics I am sure to make them take 🙂

So as far as makeup, I will be keeping with my non-traditional but romantic/elegant vision (the dress is all those things, btw).  If I’m being honest, I had every intention to do my own lol because I feel capable and that I want to look like myself, but my bridesmaid who will go unnamed (Sam) was vehemently against this idea. She did make a good point that she doesn’t want to see me stressed morning-of if lash glue doesn’t cooperate and that I need it to have serious staying power. SO, I will be looking to a professional, but above are some of my inspo images – I want a slightly more dramatic eye than I usually wear just so it shows up in pics (but nothing crazy dark or heavy crease/lid distinction, ew) and healthy skin with that neutral glossy lip I mentioned.

Moving on, my hair is something I would never even attempt to handle myself lol, because it has a long history of fighting styling lol. Again, I really want to look like myself, so have decided to wear it down, but with a more polished twist on my go-to beachy waves (see below for inspo!). I will be keeping my middle part and will have my colour done by my usual hair goddess so nothing crazy. Spoiler alert: I do plan to wear a veil. My one little ode to a more traditional look (also, I just fell in love with one when I tried it with the dress).

Ok, so what else?! As you may already know, I just completed the Whole30 program and will likely repeat it in November as a final touch to my wedding day beauty prep. I obviously will continue with being active in general and my 2-4 workouts a week. Plus, I’m always a bit more active in summer/fall with outdoor activities so that should help leading up… and speaking of the seasons, since our wedding is in DECEMBER, I will definitely either need to strategically pick my bachelorette destination (which isn’t looking like will be the case hehe), or find a good self or spray tan option. I have never done either so would GREATLY appreciate your reccos below.

That’s all for now! Stay tuned for a 6 month wedding update VERY shortly with more juicy deets, and thanks for following along! Drop me any questions I didn’t cover, or your wedding day beauty prep secrets, x!


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