What to Pack for Vacation

While taking a well-deserved vacation is obvs one of my fave past times over here, you may  be interested to learn that I’m a notoriously last minute packer — if you are too, see below for an easy overview of what to pack for vacation, much of which I will be feverishly throwing into my own suitcase this weekend when we head to Bermuda. Also check out my post on some of the staples I’ve been eyeing in general, to carry you through post-vacation until summer decides to arrive.

Ryan will probably kill me if I buy another floatie but how CUTE is that ice cream cone and equally adorbs peach towel (I have pink sand beaches on the brain)? Also, packing minimum one fancy-but-still-weather-appropriate dress is a must, especially if like me, there’s a destination wedding in your agenda. I tend to like options that don’t allow for a bra so silicone nipple stickers are actually gold for when I go somewhere tropical. I’m also liking the look of high waisted bikini bottoms with tiny tops, and they’re flattering on everyone. Lastly, a high quality SPF, sunglasses (inexpensive ideally incase they get lost in the ocean… trust me it happens), a hat (I’ve been hunting for a black one!) and a rattan bag to throw it all in is all you need.

Happy shopping & would love your feedback below if you like these types of posts! xx

1. black straw sun hat | 2. plastic sunnies | 3. silicone nipple stickers | 4. sunscreen | 5. scalloped polka dot bikini top | 6. scalloped polka dot bikini bottoms | 7. low v bikini top | 8. white fringe bikini bottoms | 9. ‘wish you were here’ beach towel | 10. rattan tote with pom poms | 11. travel wallet | 12. strappy lace dress | 13. striped bow slides | 14. ice cream cone floatie |


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