Bachelorette Location Reveal + Contenders

Well, I just announced some big news on the good ol’ gram and it’s my bachelorette location!!! For all of you who have been asking (drumroll please) ASPEN, we’re coming for ya!!! Read on for reasoning behind what ended up being our destination, and a list of contenders that are really fabulous options for any getaway with your gfs, x.

Bachelorette location: ASPEN, CO
Tbh, this has been on my bucket list well before we started planning a winter wedding, and really hits the mark for the type of bachelorette location I had in mind. As someone who has (over)done the party-party scene of Vegas (6x incase you’re wondering lol), I wanted a spot that was a little more lax but still offered great options to step out for a drink and dance. I was also looking for somewhere that was unique & luxe (NONE of my gfs have been and we all are quite traveled), offered good photo ops (one pieces and moon boots yassss) and had a great food scene. I also didn’t want everyone to have to take a full week off work, so proximity and flight times was also key.

(image source: the little nell)

Runner-Up: MIAMI, FL
Ok, I know this kind of goes against the ‘overdone’ point I just made about Vegas, but I love Miami, and it does hit all the other marks (bars, restaurants, and an easy flight away). However, the REAL reason it was the runner-up is because I have been dieing to go to Hogwarts and a day trip to Orlando with all my girls to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter just feels like it would have been epic. I was also tempted given that we are going in November and I thought at that point I may be craving some heat, but it juuuust fell short considering we’ve all been before.

(image source: @theblondeabroad)

Contender: PORTLAND, OR
Fun fact: Portland is on the top of my list for stateside spots to check out, now that I’ve hit NOLA and Aspen is the confirmed bachelorette location. It hits all the marks I’ve mentioned, plus, like Aspen, has some cool outdoor activities to try out. The food and shopping scenes in particular I’ve heard great things about (there’s a lot of gourmet donuts, need I say more?). Definitely something I’ll consider with the girls for future trips.

(image soure: conde nast traveler)

Ok, this is a selfish one because when we were in Arizona a few months ago, we decided against spending a whole day & hotel switch to check out Utah’s canyons. I would have wanted to stay at the Amangiri resort, and would definitely go with the girls, BUT it’s a tad bit isolated for a bachelorette location where you still do want some nightlife (from what I can tell at least). 100% percent worth visiting IMO, though.

(image source: Amangiri Resort)

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know I’m a sucker for southern charm and Charleston delivers it in excess. Our family’s annual summer vacay spot growing up was South Carolina, so I’ve been wanting to head back to Charleston as an adult and with the girls. There are tons of great spas, bed and breakfasts and low-key things to do (including shopping + eating), making it a perfect bachelorette location if that’s your vibe!

(image source: the everygirl)

This is SUCH a great option for a bachelorette location, because it’s close enough (from Toronto at least), to swing 4 days but still get you outside of North America. This is definitely a more adventurous pick, but an out-of-the-box option for a sophisticated girls trip full of photo ops. Also, there are frequently really great deals for Iceland, so make sure you’re stacking your points!!

(image source: conde nast traveler)


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