Travel Guide: Bermuda

This one is a bit more delayed than usual, but as promised (& while it’s still fresh in my mind!!), here is my Bermuda travel guide 🙂 I have been getting a ton of questions about Bermuda as a destination, especially from those trying to get preggers or looking for a babymoon spot because it is zika-free, but I’m going to be completely honest, Bermuda was not my favourite. Let me explain…

Bermuda is BEAUTIFUL, as far as the natural landscape and the beaches (which as you know are no. 1 priority for me & I’ll get into a bit more later), but I couldn’t help but feel like it was missing a little summ’n summ’n (& I’ve heard this from others as well). The people are nice, it’s a gorg island, food was good, but it lacks a certain flavour/spirit IMO.

Now, we ultimately were traveling there for our v good friends’ wedding so it was special and lovely regardless, but a couple things to keep in mind re: Bermuda if you’re considering heading there:
+ it’s a nice quick flight away but you are NOT in the Caribbean. You are actually in the middle of the Atlantic and parallel with Georgia so May was a bit early in the season to go in retrospect. Do wait until the actual summer months to ensure solid weather. I was not packed appropriately lol.

+ do expect to spend money once you get there. Bermuda is not cheap, and especially so for my Canadian readers bc it’s USD and the exchange sucks rn. I also don’t think there are any all inclusive type resorts but don’t quote me on that.

+ on that note, budget for transportation. It is illegal to rent cars on the island (which is a bummer bc Ry and I always get a car when we’re away and explore on our own), so expect to have to take public transportation. You can rent scooters but roads are wild and opposite side of the road is a no bueno for me. Either way those are still expensive as are cabs, ferries, etc. We were lucky we were there with a large group so could usually find pals to carpool, but a 30 min ride can easily cost you $70 USD each way which adds up.

However, to not sound too much like a complete whiner lol, here are some things that were super stand out about Bermuda, and why it is still a cool spot if you find yourself there OR are limited by zika-free places.
+ horeshoe bay is amazing. This is the pink sand beach that you likely see in pics if you search Bermuda. There are tons of gorg rock formations you can explore and reminded me of the south of Portugal which holds a really fond place in my heart. The water is clear and the sand is soft and so clean. I could have spent a full week just there.

+ if you like seafood, you won’t be disappointed. There is nothing I like more than eating fresh seafood outside when I’m away and my fave spot to do that was at a restaurant in the Hamilton Princess hotel called Marcus’. You can expect dope ‘catch of the day’ options, fried chicken, poke, etc. So yum we went a few times.

+ speaking of the Hamilton Princess, this iconic pink building is def where you want to stay. It’s in the town of Hamilton which is a fun area to walk around, shop, etc. and is pretty central to all other areas + the grounds are made for photo-ops (the island is kind of a fishing hook shape). They also have a private beach that they shuttle guests to.

+ St. George is also a cool town, and has a lot of pretty historical buildings and churches all in rainbow hues (it used to be the island capital).  It’s also where our friends’ wedding took place in a spot called the unfinished church which was STUNNING. If you’re considering Bermuda for a destination wedding, I can’t imagine why you would pick anywhere else. The wedding reception was at Grotto Bay which also looked like a pretty sweet spot to potentially stay on the island, but I didn’t see much beyond lobby and then the pool/beach area so can’t speak to the rooms.

+ the crystal caves are a fun excursion… same vibe as the cenotes in Mexico if you’ve been, but with these really cool huge crystals that hang from the top of the cave. It has an interesting story too that I won’t give away incase you go, and is unique to the island and only takes a few hours to experience total (including drive time). There are two caves but we were told they are redundant so just paid to do the one and I was satisfied.

Alright friends, that’s all I got for ya! Hope you find this helpful & informative, and please hit me in the comments with ANY bermuda-related questions I may have missed, xx. 



  1. June 5, 2018 / 12:26 am

    I didn’t realize how close it was! I’ve heard Bermuda is super beautiful. Loving your pics from the trip. It looks like
    You guys had a great time!

  2. M
    June 5, 2018 / 1:59 am

    Omg I love your post!
    Gets me right there
    Thank you!

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