Why You Should Try Diffusing

Ya’ll the vibes are crazy summery right now and I am here for it! I don’t know about you, but I feel like when weather is better I naturally want to be more active, eat better, and be as one with nature as possible. Generally, just a lot more focused on my wellbeing and that’s why I felt there is no better time to #SpreadWellness and share on a big part of my daily routine: diffusing.

Now if you think that this just means using one of those aesthetically pleasing diffusers you’ve likely seen to make your space smell pretty, that is a very pleasant part of it but there are so many more benefits!! I chatted with my friends over at Saje Wellness for a few fun facts I’m hoping will motivate you to give diffusing a go or will teach you something new if you’re already doing it + my can’t-live-without products to get you started!!

Diffusing adds moisture to air
Ok, so pretty obvious here bc you can see steam come out of them, but diffusing adds moisture to the air which is beneficial for your skin, breathing and just general comfort & wellness at home (especially for my fellow condo dwellers). However, diffusing goes further than a regular humidifier…

It actually purifies and cleanses the air you are breathing!!

Diffusers purify the air which differentiates them from basic humidifiers and they do this by “crushing” water molecules when you fill up the tank, that produce negative ions to counteract all the positively charged dust, toxins and allergens floating in your air. The essential oils diffused in the air wrap around the toxins and make them heavy so that they drop to the ground and out of your breathing air — making your whole place more enjoyable to be in.

Diffusing gives your space the power of essential oils
These are the same oils I mentioned to you smell really nice, but also have incredible therapeutic properties that when coupled with the release from your diffuser can have great wellness benefits. For example, there are oils and blends that can help with everything from allergies, relaxation, antibacterial action, body tension, stress, trouble sleeping, and even digestion, and they are all Saje’s 100% natural blends!

Diffusing allows you to cater your wellness to your mood
This to me is so key because I couldn’t justify investing in something that isn’t versatile. My preferences change based on season, the day I’m having or even just what room of the house I’m in. We have diffusers in the bedroom and living room and recently got a new aromatime one which actually lets you set a timer for when your diffuser starts and set up two blends at once (one to wind down at night & one to get you up and at ’em in the AM). Ryan is the one to set them now bc he loves it so much! That says a lot, ladies lol.

Now that you know some of the benefits, here is what I would pick for a diffuser starter pack: 
+ aromatime ultrasonic diffuser for the bedroom, for the features mentioned above PLUS because it does have the time stamp — I love it in the black or white!!

+ aromaom deluxe white diffuser is the one we had in our bedroom before which has now moved to the living room — I really love it because it covers a large square footage! We also have the regular aromaom diffuser which is perfect in our office (did I mention we’re obsessed lol)

+ all time fave oil: pure eucalyptus! smells like a spa 🙂

+ fave oil for night: pure lavender — which helps you sleep

+ fave blends: allergy release, immune, rain forest & mountain high 

A couple closing thoughts for you — if this post is your first time getting familiar with Saje I suggest spending some time perusing their site. They have so many great options for incorporating all-natural wellness into your routine in addition to diffusing like home cleaning products, skincare, etc. I have personally gifted diffusers to so many friends for the holidays or house warmings and if you remember, even included some of my other fave products in my bridesmaid boxes.

SO?! Do you diffuse? If you don’t do you want to give it a try? LMK in the comments how you #SpreadWellness & any other questions, xx.



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  1. Beverly Warren
    July 1, 2018 / 2:56 am

    Diffusing Mountain High right now! My house smells heavenly!

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