100 nights of dreamy sleep with Endy

We’ve officially been sleeping on our new Endy mattress for 100 nights now, so I thought I’d report back to give you all the deets! I will lead by saying though, that it’s been a dream (pun intended) and that ANYONE who buys an Endy mattress is privy to the same 100 night trial (incl. free shipping and returns) so if you’re in the market there’s no risk!

Ok so to start, I will say I was SUPER worried that this mattress wouldn’t be firm enough for my tastes. I like a comfy mattress, but definitely need support and I’ve sat on other foam mattresses that also come delivered compact and inflate to size and you could basically feel the bed frame through because you sank so much. Not at all the case with Endy. I am so impressed how when sitting or lying on it you are evenly supported and comfortable… it really does feel like you’re resting on a cloud 🙂

Next, I’ll note that Ryan and I have very different preferences with mattresses… so much so that he had literally in the past suggested us getting those separate sided adjustable ones to accommodate (no offence but those creep me TF out because I think of hospitals or nursing homes plus they’re fugly IMO lol). We both agree the firmness with Endy’s chemical-free 3 layers of foam is PERFECT and moulds to our unique shapes so each side is customized in a way. Also, I’ve shared a lot on social about how we didn’t have AC in our condo for A MONTH (hell), so I can say confidently that the ‘temperature control’ on this mattress is legit. I was somehow still able to sleep through the night and not roast completely. The ‘no motion transfer’ claim is the real deal too and has been so great for us because we wake up and get ready at different times (also, because I sometimes like to crawl back into bed in the mornings if I have a few minutes to spare which drives Ryan bonkers LOL).

To add to the customizable feel of the bed, Endy pillows are my fave ever. Again, I like a big fluffy pillow that keeps me a little propped (my gfs say I sleep like a vampire but whatever bc better for wrinkles!!), and Ryan likes basically a flat nothing lol. The Endy pillows have that same glorious foam inside, but you can take out as much as you need to suit your feel. Also, the covers are all machine washable which is great and easy.

We also been sleeping on the Endy sheets – to be completely honest with you (which I always am) these are my ONLY criticism of our new bed. I love them, and they’re super soft but they are not wrinkle free. I’ve personally gotten used to that feature and don’t have the time to be ironing sheets weekly. I still love them, and they’ll be a huge treat to our guests as a 2nd room set, but unless wrinkles don’t grind your gears, maybe not the best as your daily set.

I’ll sum up by sharing that the first few nights on the new bed, I was having really weird dreams and nightmares, so like any self-respecting adult, I googled and found out that can actually be a result of entering your deepest level of sleep. Basically, our old mattress was so donezo that even though I never have had a problem sleeping through the night (#blessed) I wasn’t getting the full benefits of being truly rested.

SO, if you’re in need of a new mattress (& by the way if you’re on the same one from university, you are), I STRONGLY suggest giving Endy a try – as I mentioned upfront, you have a free 100 night trial, free shipping and returns, it’s a 100% Canadian company and it’s also a perfectly temperate and supportive relationship-saving must for your household ☺

Use code INTLPEACH50 for $50 off any size mattress, and happy snoozing!! x


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