My Top Ten Travel Bucketlist

I think everyone knows by now that my life is a perma state of wanderlust and I am always planning (or at least thinking about planning) my next great escape. But as you travel more and more, the destinations you have in mind naturally become more expensive, further away and as a result, require a longer time commitment to explore. That’s kind of where I’m at right now, and after nailing down our honeymoon spot (& reflecting on some of the places we saw this past year) I started thinking about where I would want to go next. So, in no particular order, below are my top ten travel bucketlist destinations for right now —

(image source: @cntraveler)

1. Italy – I have been dieing to go back to Europe since we got home from Greece and this is a spot that would have been the top contender for our honeymoon if not for the time of year (December is not ideal for gelato consumption on a patio). However, definitely planning to make it a reality in 2019 because it is at the very top of my travel bucketlist! Musts for me would obviously be Rome, the Amalfi Coast, Cinque Terre and Lake Como (and if I got that far North it would only make sense to hop over to Switzerland 🙂 )

2. Australia – another spot that I’ve been meaning to get out to forever (fun fact, my bestie lived there for a year but it coincided when I was doing my post-grad and was broke so it never happened and is one of my only regrets in life lol)!! It is quite the trek however given I’m obsessed with everything I see there (beaches, surfing, acai bowls, and crazy good home décor and shopping), it’s a no brainer to top the list. Would also LOVE to hit New Zealand if I’m out that way.

3. Africa – we were thiiiiiiiiiiiis close to booking this for our honeymoon, but Thailand ended up working out better logistically. It will happen by 2020 though because Ryan and I are both DIEING to do a safari. I just think Africa would be the most unique experience and great for us because we like a mix of adventure and beach life. Interested in the South Africa and Tanzania regions.

4. Iceland – maybe a less obvious pick for me but I’ve heard great things and unlike some of the other spots on the list, it is totally attainable and can be done affordably and in a few days making it very appealing for a quick stop. I have a few girlfriends who have expressed interest so we’re just keeping our eyes peeled for deals that work for all of our schedules. Am very into renting a car to see some of the natural highlights over there.

5. Brazil – zika kind of put a delay on this spot, but my dad (who goes there every year and has family there) assures me all the emergency concerns around that have been lifted. In any case, it’s still definitely on my travel bucketlist and would be my first south American spot hit! I would love to go during carnival or for new years! Both of which are ideal times based on weather.

6. Maui – I visited Hawaii a few years ago with my best friends and it was truly the trip of a lifetime. Definitely have plans to go back and try a different island(s) and it’s pretty easy to get to (Toronto has added so many more direct flights since we went). Another great spot to relax, obviously picturesque and still do fun excursions, especially if you’re active.

7. Banff – this is the one Canadian spot on my travel bucketlist and one that should be on everyone’s!! I’ve literally never heard anyone say it is less than amazing, and constantly hear that photos ‘don’t do it justice’. This again probably stems from some fomo of not extending my time when I’ve be out in Calgary and Edmonton nearby.

8. Portland – another quick and easy destination and the only U.S. city on my immediate travel bucketlist. This is not to say I won’t visit other states in the near future, but I’m really intrigued by Portland. It’s supposed to be a really cool, well thought out city with lots to do (& eat). Say no more.

9. Canary Islands – starting to realize as I write this that I have not been properly capitalizing on my travel opps lol!! This is a spot that was very close to happening a couple years back for my birthday, and I’ve been waiting to see the same deal ever since lol. It may not happen in the immediate future as the other mentioned locations are much higher on my travel bucketlist, but I am open to exploring it when it does!

10. Ireland – another spot that has been thrown around for several girls trips but ultimately no one seems as into it as me. It just seems really beautiful and different than other places I’ve been, and more affordable than other European spots.

So what are your top travel bucketlist spots? Any that I named? Would also love suggestions of places you’ve been & exceeded your expectations. Drop me a note in the comment section below, x.


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