I (Finally) Switched to Natural Deodorant – Here’s What You Need to Know!

If there’s one thing I think (hope) we can all agree on, it’s that wearing deodorant is a non-negotiable in life. However, lately I’ve been extra aware of what I’m putting on my body topically and knew it was time to make a change, so have finally switched to natural deodorant! My motivation is that I have family and friends who have battled breast cancer, and I truly don’t want to be putting chemicals directly into my lymph nodes (which if you didn’t know, are more present in your armpits than anywhere else in the body!) —

If like me, you’ve been meaning to switch, you may have also felt deterred hearing about ‘purge’ periods when you switch (& consequently stink), or feedback on annoying-to-apply options that simply don’t work. Lucky for you, I did the leg work and have found an amazing option in Saje’s Deodorant Duo Crystal Fresh Kit.

What I love about this formula is that it’s all natural, is a roll on application (I am not into sticking my fingers into a cream) and comes with a spray companion that is great for refreshing during the day or before a workout. The crystal stick is unscented and neither product leaves any residue or stains on clothing (which is actually also a result of the chemicals in traditional deodorant – who knew). You do need to run the crystal under water when applying, but that doesn’t bother me at all and doesn’t make a mess.. I’ve done it with clothes on already many times and have had no issues.

So was there a purge period? Yes, BUT it only lasted about a week for me and I switched during a heatwave so you’ll be far better off if you decide to switch after reading this post lol. For the first week I was using the spray product 1-2 times a day to refresh, but even still after an evening workout could sense a bit of BO if I really stuck my nose in my underarm. After the week mark though, not only did I have no body odour whatsoever, I actually feel like I haven’t been sweating as much overall!!

At this point, it’s been 3 weeks and I’m definitely going to be continuing to use natural deodorant because I don’t even notice a difference from the chemical-based ones and wish I had made the switch sooner!! I definitely recommend the Saje Deodorant Duo, but have also heard really good things about The Healthy Deodorant and Primally Pure (though I haven’t personally tried them, wanted to provide some alts for ya to look into!).

Leave me any questions in the comments sections or other natural deodorant brands that you love, and head to my insta to enter a giveaway for you to get started with your own Saje natural deodorant duo, x!


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