Rug Shopping 101

Probably the only décor that sets my soul on fire more than plants are rugs. Maybe it started with my love for the ‘a whole new world’ scene in Aladdin? I don’t know lol. But despite how much I love a good floor (restored wood, tiles, interesting pattens, all of it), I don’t feel a room is truly complete until there’s a rug – it really does tie it all together! (Hence why my office reveal post has been delayed if you’re wondering lol).

However, rug shopping can be super daunting and open up a can of worms to an insane range of options, so I’ve rounded up a few tips that I follow to help guide my decisions and more importantly, my fave spots to peruse for a variety of budgets –

(image source: @marr_kett)

Firstly, determine the size you need. This is SUPER important because it will be the base for all your searching. No point falling in love with a runner if you need to fill an 8×10 space, pals. If you’re shopping online this will also help refine the search a ton so you’re not aimlessly going through hundreds of pages of options (I have done this, and it’s not good for the ol’ eyeballs). The same goes for refining your search based on colour if you can. Pro tip: measure the area if you’re looking for a v particular spot (like a narrow hallway, for example) and always go up in size versus down if you’re debating – nothing throws off the proportions of a room like a too small rug!

(image source: the everygirl)

Next, determine the type of rug you want because that’s going to help guide where you peruse. What I mean is figure out if you want something vintage versus mass produced (also note, you can still do handmade that isn’t the 25+ years old to be categorized as vintage). There are pros and cons for each that you’ll need to determine for yourself, but keep in mind that vintage is going to cost you A LOT more. The benefits of going that route though if you’re unsure is that you’re truly getting a unique piece and it’s an investment because the quality will stand the test of time and actually get more beautiful as it gets worn in (largely a result of being made from all natural fibres versus synthetic ones). An easy trick to know if a rug is vintage beyond the overall look/prince point is that it won’t have the rubber backing of a store-bought rug (because they are hand knotted or hand woven).

(image source: studio mcgee)

This also reminds me that for either type, no slip under pads are your friends!! It’s the only thing that keeps my runner in the kitchen in place. Oh, and always be aware of return policies when buying online, especially for vintage, to protect yourself if any spots in life look too worn or stained.

So now that you’ve narrowed down what you’re looking for, where do you look?

For retailers that carry non-vintage or a mix, I like:
McGee & Co.
Magnolia Market
One Kings Lane
Serena & Lily
West Elm

For handmade/vintage only, try:
Homestead Seattle
Amber Interiors
Rug and Weave
Loom + Kiln
Frances Loom
Etsy ( I like Urban Rug)


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