My Top 5 Bedroom Essentials

If you’ve been following me for any amount of time, you’ve probably quickly deduced from my frequent IG stories in bed that I spend a lot of time in our bedroom lol. That’s partially because I love the space, but also because I love sleep and believe a solid 8 hours per night is essential to being a fully functioning human —

That’s only been amplified the last few months as work has been insane and we are in wedding crunch time!! So, I thought it only natural to share on my top 5 bedroom essentials to creating a serious retreat + place that is conducive to sleep or just chilling out.

A solid base
I cannot stress enough how this important this is!! If you’re laying on old, lumpy mattress and pillows, I promise you are not well rested. A while ago we upgraded our whole bed to a Canadian-made Endy mattress (you can read my full review on that here), and it has been life altering. As I’ve said before, the pillows have blown my mind because you can customize to your preferred level of firmness, they’re hypo allergenic and have a washable cotton cover. So not only is my all white bedding always crisp & bright, but I can prop myself up for breakfast in bed, reading, or anything else with ease. YOU NEED THESE IN YOUR LIFE.

Good reads
On that note, in bed is where I do all my reading (which is a lot). I carve out time before I shut off everything to get a bit in nightly, so needless to say a selection of books within reach is a must. I share my must-reads seasonally if you’re interested in those lists!

Nightstands with storage
This has been a learned bedroom essential for me and now I could never go back. We used to have these really great nesting tables as our side tables, but they were constantly covered with miscellaneous items (jewellery, lip balm, iPad, hand cream, nail file, my birth control pills lol, etc. etc.). It always looked messy and gave me anxiety, so nightstands with storage are a great way to keep everything looking tidy without sacrificing function.

Calming touches
As I said, I spend a lot of time in our bedroom so I like it to feel relaxing. We always have a diffuser going with essential oil blends, and things like a comfy throw blanket, fresh flowers and cozy slippers really make it a spot you won’t want to leave.

Blackout blinds
Like the first bedroom essential on this list, this one is a bit more of an investment, but SO worth it. I love natural light and always have the blinds fully open in the day, but at night (or on mornings when you can afford to sleep in) there’s nothing like black out blinds. If you think that drapes or regular blinds are doing the same job, you are sorely mistaken!! Blackout blinds will make a difference to your sleep quality, Netflix marathons and overall quality of life when let’s say, the condo next door is under construction and has a spotlight that literally hits right where your bed is nightly (true story). 🙂

I hope you’ll give some of these bedroom essentials a try, and to help you out the lovely folks at Endy are extending $50 off any mattress to all my readers when you use code INTLPEACH50 at checkout.

Hit me with your bedroom essentials in the comments, and my last tip is to MAKE YOUR BED DAILY!! x


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