Wedding Day Lingerie Bible – Q&A with Stole My Heart

Hello, peaches! I’m back with another wedding planning post, and boy are we in crunch time (less than a month!!). As a result, I’m starting to notice my mind wandering to the smaller details (which it often does & are just as important to me), and one that has continuously come up is wedding day lingerie

Yeup, my girls and I have chatted about everything from shaping undies for them (as you might remember, they are in form fitting white dresses lol), my dress’s inability to conceal a regular bra or any kind of spanx lol (fml), and all the way to wedding night pieces.

Luckily, the beautiful co-owners of Stole My Heart, a curated lingerie boutique in Toronto that I love, have come to my (and your) rescue with answers to all the commonly asked questions they get from bride-to-be’s re: wedding day lingerie, and some that we haven’t even thought to ask.

See below for Amy Pearson and Ashley Holden’s expert answers to all your wedding day lingerie Q’s! And don’t forget to give Stole My Heart a follow on insta! x

Q: Some dresses (especially the bridesmaid ones I’ve chosen) simply call for some smoothing / shaping to look their absolute best on. I know you don’t sell shapewear in your store, but what do you suggest for brides who feel they need it for their dress? Is there a comfy option?

A: Shapewear has a huge market – but we personally just hate wearing it. When we opened Stole My Heart, we vowed we’d never bring anything in that wasn’t comfortable, and we’ve yet to find shapewear that’s passed our tests. Feeling squished and sucked in can really put a damper on your evening! If the style allows for it, we prefer to wear a slip or bodysuit under a dress.  If it’s really form fitting, we recommend having your seamstress sew in a second fabric lining. That will make a huge difference for smoothing without having to worry about unwanted seams or any discomfort.

Q: I am definitely not a traditional bride and have no plans at all to wear a garter or do a garter removal & toss (my nightmare lol). Are there any other fun little details or accessories that modern brides can think about incorporating into their wedding day lingerie?

A: Absolutely! The best thing about wedding day lingerie today is that there are no rules – we encourage our brides to play around when they come into the store and just pick things that really speak to them as a woman, rather than things that scream ‘bridal’. Sometimes those are one and the same, sometimes they aren’t.

We love the idea of wearing ‘something blue’ for your bridal lingerie – it’s a really fun way to incorporate a little wedding tradition. Some of our faves are the Silk Chemise and the Sasha set. (personal note* I have the Sasha set and it is so, so gorg and comfy. Definitely approved!). 

Q: I’m lucky that my dress doesn’t require a bra and nor would it conceal one if I did, but for the bustier brides, what are some lines/bras/tips to solve for that issue if they can’t go without anything?

A: So many brides fall in love with a dress without giving a thought to undergarments until a month or two before their wedding. With backless and plunging styles being so popular right now, it can really be challenging for some brides. For any brides just beginning the dress hunt, our advice is to consider if you’d be comfortable going braless in a non-bra-friendly style. If not, speak to a seamstress about some sewn-in options for support. There are so many stick-on solutions out there, but our best advice is to get cups sewn in. A little tape can also give the girls a little lift without being seen 🙂

Q: What are your favourite trends and/or brands for wedding night lingerie right now?

A: Our brides love Fleur of England. It’s such a luxurious brand and your wedding is the perfect time to buy something extra special.  The pieces are made with silk, Italian tulle and are all finished by hand, embroidered or appliquéd, definitely wedding night-worthy!

Q: Ok, and speaking of wedding night, even if you can’t hide your lingerie choice under your dress for an easy reveal lol, is it still worth going to change into? Any tips for how to make that not awkward? Lol.

A: Of course, it’s worth it! It just feels wrong to change out of your dream dress into an old T-shirt or nightie – we think it’s important to have something special. We suggest that our brides pick two or three pieces of lingerie for their wedding night and/or honeymoon, including a chemise and a bodysuit or bra & panty set. The chemise is a great option because it’s really easy to step into on your wedding night and comfy enough to sleep in. If you do end up spending your wedding day in shapewear, you’ll be thrilled to slip into something that’s actually a little more comfortable! Our current faves are the Pepper Nightie and
the Coucou Bodysuit for Day 2 or the honeymoon!

Q: I’m leaving on my honeymoon literally 12 hours after our wedding wraps (my husband-to-be is crazy lol). What are some must have lingerie pieces for travelling that are also functional and multi-wear?

A: A lot of people believe that lingerie can either look good or feel good, but it can’t do both. That’s totally not true! We only bring in styles that feel as good as they look. Some of our top picks for honeymoon lingerie include the Leonora Bralette (which is perf for the plane ride), the Onyx Bra (which is super luxurious for night but very supportive for all day to minimize packing), the Malla bra which is a top seller and can double duty for sight seeing but is sexy enough to keep on back at the hotel, and 100 percent the Yvette Robe if you’re heading to a cooler climate — the teddy look is so on trend and you can stay cozy by the fire in it and wear it out and about!

Q: Speaking of honeymoons, any fave swimwear / sleepwear options at the store that are a must for brides to check out?!

A: We just got out resort collection from Saltwater Collective. If you’re going somewhere warm, the Paulina and Kyla One-Piece suits are so cute and are totally easy to pair with shorts or a skirt to transition from beach to streetwear. They are in the perfect shade of red and we love the high cut leg on these suits!

For sleeping you just have to have one of the sleep shirts from Eberjey – they are soft and cozy and so so cute!!

Q: Finally, any cardinal rules for wedding day lingerie to the brides / bridal party / wedding guest ladies reading this?

A: COMFORT & FIT!!! Nothing ruins a woman’s look like uncomfortable or ill-fitting undergarments. It doesn’t matter how good the set might look when you stand perfectly still, if it’s not comfortable to walk, sit, and dance in, there’s no way you’ll look your best on your special day. We’ve all been there – slipping bra straps, perma-wedgies, too-tight waistbands – the list goes on and it only leads to bad things! On the other hand, properly fitting lingerie can make you stand taller, walk more confidently and feel like the goddess you truly are. If you’ve never had a bra fitting, getting married is the perfect excuse to make yourself an appointment and treat yourself to a few special pieces!!


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