My Final Wedding Planning Update

Let me just start by saying, where has the time gone actually?!? Can’t believe it’s been over a year since I shared our engagement story and this will be my final wedding planning update! The next time I share on this will likely be when I get our photos back. Holy.

In any case, since I updated last, this final stretch has been super busy despite that I still do feel we remained really organized throughout. I got a few questions via insta that I will get to, but first I just wanted to share on a few of the things we’ve been getting up to (besides putting all our money towards deposits lol).

  • we chose our wedding bands! This is mine (obsessed), and Ryan got around to ordering his as well… one for occasions and also a rubber one for day to day (both black).
  • we handled all the details for our favours… we will have 2 different take aways, but all I’m gonna say is that one is edible and insisted on from Ryan and the other is something the girls and I had to assemble (carve out time for this, even for a ‘small’ wedding like ours it took time lol).
  • We finalized guest list and seating charts! This took some thinking, but I will say wasn’t as tough as others have made it out to be. If you follow on insta, you’ll have seen though that we had a lot of late (and blank??) RSVPs, so my tip here that a gf told me after the fact lol, is label the RSVP cards when you send them so if they come back weird you know whose it was. Definitely give yourself some buffer between when this is due to your venue, I am SO glad we did and is maybe why I didn’t feel as stressed.
  • My dress was fitted to a tee – I am beyond excited to wear my dress and the seamstress who handled it is a freaken angel, BUT again, it took a few quick touch-up appointments so expect to have to carve time out for that and space in final wedding planning timeline AND your budget because that shit was pricey.
  • Final meetings – this was a huge part of the final wedding planning! There was a span of about 2 weeks last month where I had a wedding related meeting every day…. Throw in your regular work and day-to-day stuff and maybe if you’re like me, a destination bachelorette, and you have a recipe for exhaustion. Make sure to take care of yourself during this time so you don’t get sick (also like me smh). However, these meetings were super helpful and got me really excited that everything will be organized day-of. I especially loved our floral mock-up and of course, menu tastings!!
  • Ceremony details – it’s easy to forget about all the little things that you have to make decisions on for the ceremony (songs to be played at different portions, ceremony script, the order of how your bridal party will walk in, scheduling a rehearsal, etc.). We still have to go actually get our marriage license this week. Keep in mind these things will start popping up.
  • Random details – car service for the day, catering for when the girls are getting H&MU done, day-of stationary etc. are all little things that we’ve had to get organized in this final stretch!! Also, booking all the final beauty-related appts (hair, nails, spray tan, etc.) take time and have to be done within the couple days leading up to the wedding so book in advance and give yourself some time off work!

As far as the questions I got via Insta, a LOT of you were interested in which cake flavours I decided on (which makes we feel like we’d be friends IRL) so I will say that one of the cakes will be a more interesting take on chocolate, one will be funfetti (necessary) and the final one will be lighter (like a strawberry shortcake or lemon) as per our baker’s suggestion! For those who didn’t see, we are doing three cakes and I cannot WAIT to see that display.

I also had a lot of people ask about the dress but I won’t be sharing any more details on that lol (nice try). I did post my thoughts on finding my dress a while back though if you’re at that point in the process.

There was also a lot of questions on décor (tablescape specifically) and that will be very floral and candle heavy. We didn’t do additional items like cruiser plates or custom napkins or anything (not worth adding to the budget IMO bc I don’t think most people notice them), but we did do custom table cards and menus that match all of the other stationary we’ve done so far. I’m also really excited about our seating chart (stay tuned) which is another thing that can only really be done in the final wedding planning stage.

Lastly, I had so many of you DM me to say how excited you are to see pics from the wedding (so sweet, ty so much!!) and if I would be sharing in real time… unfortunately I don’t think so! Everyone tells me how fast the days goes and I just really want to enjoy it with Ryan and the girls and our families. I will probably share first thing in the morning while all the girls are getting their hair and makeup done since it’s a long time and I’ll have my phone on me, but after that I’ll be offline. I am going to ask our photographers if they can share a couple teasers next day so I can share before we leave for Thailand though!

I think that’s it for all the final wedding planning updates!! I’ll continue to share on insta leading up to next weekend, but let me know if any burning questions I’ve missed and thank you to everyone who has been following along in the process, for all your support and interest and offering your tips from your experiences back to me as well!! xx


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    December 10, 2018 / 4:08 am

    Love all the great tips!

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