Wedding Withdrawal: Why it’s a thing + how to beat it!

our thank you cards (from minted)

Wanted to share a more personal post as we approach the end of the most depressing month of the year (IMO) and chat about my feelings on wedding withdrawal… it’s something I’ve discussed with several friends who can all relate (one even warned me about it in advance) so I’m calling it a real thing. 

Basically it’s this strange underwhelming shift, that I’m attributing to one of the biggest (& hopefully happiest) days of your life being over, as well as all the planning, anticipation and overall all-consumingness that came with it. I have friends who told me they legitimately thought they were depressed and sought medical advice, but alas, were just bummed and feeling bored coming off a kind of high. Add to the mix that the end of my wedding and honeymoon coincided with the dead of Canadian winter, and you have a recipe for feeling blah af. 

However, I wouldn’t share this with all of you if I had nothing of value to add besides letting you know that you are def not alone if you’re feeling this too. So, below are a few things that I’ve found to really help with my mood & motivate me beyond wedding withdrawal. 

  • Get back into your routine. Following your wedding and honeymoon shit is upside down lol. Take some time to get your mind (& house) in order so you can move ahead without feeling anxious. 

  • Book something to look forward to. I’m really lucky that for me this has came in the form of vacations (again, Canadian winter people), but a nice spa day would do the trick, or dinner or brunch with friends who you haven’t seen since before the wedding. 

  • Take on something new!!This is the perfect time to start a new hobby, side hustle or up your fitness routine since you will inevitably have more time on your hands. For me, that’s the start of renovations on our new property (more on that coming soon), more blog stuff for you, and a couple of upcoming partnerships and speaking engagements that of course take work, but I’m so pumped about. 

  • TREAT YO’SELF. You were likely being extra frugal leading up to the wedding with all the deposits that are due, so I think a little retail therapy is only fair. It can be something as simple as a nice new skincare product, outfit or, adding another ring to your stack?! Big yes.
  • Finally, what has really helped with my wedding withdrawal is enjoying the final piecesthat I’m not under a strict deadline to finish. For example, order your thank you cards and take the time to hand write them and build your wedding album online (I am currently doing both at my leisure and LOVING it). Also, get some of the wedding photos printed for your fam and bridal party! A nice way to reminisce when you drop them off. 

Overall, wedding withdrawal is totally a thing and I don’t know why more people don’t warn you about it, but I am here for you lol!! So, can you relate? Did this happen to you? Oh, and one more thing, take some comfort in the fact that you prob have more weddings to attend and be a part of in the near future, xx!  


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