My Jewelry Travel Essentials

It’s no surprise that when you love to travel as much as I do you become pretty savvy at packing and one area that I wanted to share because I feel it’s often overlooked is accessories – specifically, taking a look at my jewelry travel essentials and why they are easy + chic for any trip. 

I should note that all of the below pieces are from bluboho, which is the same place I got my wedding bandand has become my go-to for all my jewelry. Reason being is that they have a huge and gorgeous selection, but also the price point is reasonable when you compare to some of the other spots that I’ve gotten fake pieces from for nearly as much that brown after a few wears (more on that later).  

So here are my most recent must-have pieces that all made the trip to Hawaii with me: 

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

I’ll start with the rings, one of which is named ‘plain jane’ but is anything but. I love that they are stackable with whatever you already own but add just a liiiittle something. They are also not too pricey so if you lose one while you’re travelling it’s not the end of the world (with the exception of no. 3 which is pricey lol but it’s my wedding band so I wear it everyday and it’s actually much more discreet for trips when I leave my engagement ring at home). 

Next, the necklace is such a great dainty piece and perfect for layering. Some people may be put off that it’s a snake, but it actually symbolizes renewal and constantly shedding your skin with new growth (plus, fun fact, my Harry Potter house is Slytherin so this could not be more perfect for me lol). I also love that all these pieces are beach appropriate!!! I can’t tell you how many ‘gold-plated’ pieces I’ve gotten from retailers that I otherwise love (anthro, free people, etc.) that tarnish the second they come into contact with sweat or sunscreen. No worries of that with these.

Lastly, these earrings are actually my new fave things and I haven’t taken them off since I purchased them. You can sleep with them, swim with them, shower with them, etc. so you never have to worry about losing one. This is especially handy on planes, and they secure within the hoop itself so there’s no pointy backings. I got the size small and opted for the yellow gold! 

Lastly, I’ll just note that I always travel with a jewelry travel case with secure compartments (must have zippers) so that if I do opt to take anything off they are safe and don’t get tangled. 

Hope you enjoyed + will go take a peek for your next trip and everyday wear!! Make sure you’re following me and bluboho for more! xx


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