Cozy Gables Renos: Progress Update

Ok, so I know you’ve all been super patient with this post and I’ve gotten a lot of requests for more frequent updates on the renos, but 1. we are busy AF right now lol and 2. I wanted to make to sure that we had some images that really show the changes that have happened so far at #thecozygables.

Living Room view off Main Entrance

SO, today is the day! Take a scroll below, but some of the main things I want to call out with the renos are:
– new windows!! I am DIEING over the black trim and how much it changes the big front window

– Potlights are also in throughout

– PAINT. HOO-FREAKEN-RAY. Just that alone I’d be happy with. We went with ‘Simply White’ by Benjamin Moore

– We removed the outdated and bulky insert on the fireplace but kept the original brick (just painted). We have a reclaimed wood mantle coming in shortly

– Floors are down but covered so they don’t get ruined.. they are a light oak wide-plank hardwood

– We have a walk out!! So, so glad we replaced the windows adjacent to the kitchen with doors. Not only is it even more light, but a great feature and so functional in the warmer months

– Kitchen cabinets are in!! Exposed shelving and spotlights will go between the windows. Biggest update here is that we have decided to keep the cabinets all white (much to my dismay). Cost-wise, it just didn’t make sense to paint over what are brand new cabinets anyway. Next house I’ll get my colour lol.

– Entrance is smoothed and opened up lol (this is probably the most extreme – and necessary – change from the original pics). Stairs are being refinished ASAP

– New upstairs laundry closet is tiled, and tiling is starting on the bathrooms too!

Opened up Living/Dining area
No more popcorn ceilings and shag carpet!!
New laundry closet in upstairs landing
Upstairs Bathroom

Overall, we’re REALLY happy with how things are moving, and everything should be completed in 2-3 weeks. Stay tuned & for the most timely updates, make sure you’re following along on insta, xx !


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  1. M
    March 30, 2019 / 2:20 am

    Looks lovely!!

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