What I’m Shopping for Spring

After the winter we’ve had, I think EVERYONE is excited to freshen up their home and wardrobe for spring, am I right? I feel like that’s especially so for me since I really didn’t shop for winter with the wedding and all the travel we did, and since the cozy gables house will be done in a couple of weeks. So, below is what I’m shopping for spring, most of which I’ve already purchased myself lol.

I’m most excited for the white easy work-or-play dress, a new oversized denim jacket that can be layered with anything and the animal print bikini that so many of you have asked about from my insta posts. I also have the leather version of those woven sandals and have worn them non-stop, and have looked for nice double-glass wall mugs for a while.

Hope you enjoy! Happy Spring (& happy shopping!). x

1. oversized denim jacket | 2. double buckle belt | 3. woven visor | 4. spring read | 5. slip dress | 6. animal print bikini | 7. white eyelet dress | 8. sleek patio chair | 9. woven sandal | 10. glass wall mug | 11. patterned rug | 12. wall planter


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