We’re Having a Baby!!! & First Trimester Recap

I feel like this post is a liiiiitle overdue because we’re having a baby, AND we’re more halfway through our pregnancy already (baby is the size of a banana right now)! If you’re shocked, well so was I when we heard the news so join the club lol! And if you’re interested, read on for how we found out and how everything has been going so far. I’ve also included answers to the all the q’s submitted from my insta poll. Thanking you all in advance for stopping by and your notes of congrats!! We are so excited!! 

How we found out
So as I mentioned, we are just over halfway through our pregnancy, but we also only found out a couple of months ago that we were expecting. To be honest, we were travelling so much at the beginning of the year and had so much going on (honeymoon, more travel, reno starting, etc.) that I just chalked up what I now realize were early symptoms to being exhausted/jetlag. In fact, it was Ryan who suggested when we were in Hawaii in mid-Feb that I go to the doctor when we got back because I was definitely off. Would also like to share that while we were planning to start trying anyway, I did technically get pregnant while on birth control (although I did go off a few weeks later unknowingly), and I got a period that first month (which is also apparently normal). I say this for all the ladies who maybe also don’t take their pill on time when travelling, because it does make a difference. Would also like to say that we’re so sensitive to anyone who is having trouble conceiving and while we definitely got lucky, hope that this serves as a reminder that it really can happen unexpectedly. I was honestly convinced it was going to take time for us which is why we decided to stop taking the pill so soon after the wedding. 

Why we’ve waited to announce
Well firstly, we wanted to wait to hit the safe mark of 14 weeks or so because again, I’m very aware that miscarriages are also far more common than we’d like to think (thankfully, baby’s heartbeat has been super strong since the beginning and all our check ups have been smooth so far). We also wanted to make sure we personally shared with everyone close to us before posting publicly. And also, without risking pulling a Kylie Jenner, it’s actually been really nice to have this more private for a bit as we navigated everything. Which leads me to… 

First trimester recap
I will just preface this by saying I know how blessed we are and nothing is more important to me than the baby being healthy so I’m not complaining, but the first trimester was hard af for me. I had basically all of your rumoured awful symptoms like all-day nausea, barfing, sensitivity to scents/foods, sinus congestion, constipation, breakouts, boob swelling and most debilitating, exhaustion like I have honestly never felt in my whole life. Throw in that I got sick a couple times and get migraines this time of year and couldn’t take any meds, and you have a very cranky, uncomfortable gal lol. Aside from dealing with the symptoms themselves, it’s also just really tough feeling like you’re letting people down like taking less initiative at work or missing friend’s events but no one knows why yet. Ryan is literally the reno GOD for taking on so much more of the house stuff for that stretch bc I was out of commission. I’m honestly so lucky that he is the most supportive & awesome husband.

I also had MAJOR anxiety. I think because I didn’t think I was pregnant so was shocked for one, and we had been told originally that based on my levels it was looking like twins (I had a meltdown lol), I was just really overwhelmed. Mainly I was happy of course, but then you just have these waves of ‘holy fukk we’re gonna be parents’ and ‘omg I have to give birth’ and you (or at least me) just have moments of panic. I will also be the first to have a baby of my immediate family and super close friend circle so I’m like WTF lol. What I will say though, is it really is true what everyone says that you’re never really ready, and once that subsides (I’m convinced this whole 9 months thing is more by design for your mental state), it’s amazing to think that you’re creating life and how you just adapt. It’s also been super humbling to really LISTEN to my body and do what it needs and take a lot of breaks. 

Upcoming plans 
So that brings us to present day – yay! I’m so pleased to say that I am feeling like myself again (minus way bigger boobs and a little growing bulge lol), and we’re gearing up for a busy few months. Below are some answers to q’s that you sent through: 

  • We are due in early October and will be having a shower in the summer! 
  • I will be sharing on the shower, as well as nursery design and fave mama stuff as I discover it (lots of q’s on the nursery specifically)
  • A lot of people asked if we were actively trying which I mentioned already, and also what kind of birth control I was on. I took the pill for about 13 years straight and I honestly think being at pretty much the healthiest I’ve ever been before the wedding played a part in us getting pregnant.
  • A few asked how I told Ryan, and it was nothing dramatic or creative lol, we talk so much all throughout the day so I literally just called him from work right after the dr called me and told him (and then cried when I told him the twin prediction and he laughed LOL!) 
  • Also got asked which of us is more excited or nervous, and I think we’re both very excited but 10000% I am the nervous one in this case (I’d like to think understandably so) 
  • A lot of questions about my age – I am 29, will turn 30 about a month after the baby is born! 
  • Most popular question: we will NOT be finding out the gender or sharing our names in advance
  • Yes, we have names picked for boy or girl 
  • Gender preference – I honestly mean it when I say that all I want is a healthy, happy baby as cliché as it is, but I have always envisioned myself with girls 
  • Do we want more kids? To which I say SLOW YOUR ROLL FRIENDS LOL. We’ll see how we feel when the time comes, but I think god willing we would both say 2 and maaaybe 3.
  • What is my birth plan – can drugs be a plan? Lol. Kidding…but also not! I’m just hoping for as smooth as possible, and no complications, but will be at the hospital with my OB.
  • Moving into #thecozygables was not based on the baby and is strictly a numbers decision… we have the space and had always planned to have a baby in our current place if that’s how timing worked out
  • Yes, I am still working out and it’s fine lol. I have cut out boxing by dr. recco, but am still doing yoga, mat pilates, and reformer pilates 2-3 times a week 
  • No weird cravings yet (I have some things I definitely want in the moment like bagels and Dairy Queen blizzards), but I did go through a phase where all protein grossed me out and where I couldn’t eat anything I cooked myself. Thank god that passed because my reliance on uber eats for about a month there was embarrassing lol 
  • We are taking a babymoon next month in Bermuda! If you remember, we visited last year and it was the best option for us based on being a short flight, zika-free and tropical climate with ocean to swim in. 
  • The only app I’ve been using is The Bump, which is free and I really enjoy for the weekly updates. It’s been calming for me to see common symptoms and fun facts written out since I don’t have any other point of reference. In no way sponsored, that’s just honestly the one I happened to download. 

I think that’s it! Will definitely be sharing on the process, but would love your feedback on what you actually want to see (nursery décor? Bump style? Registry round up?). Let me know! – Preggo Peach xx  


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