Our Nursery Inspo

One of the most asked questions since we announced our pregnancy has been what our nursery will look like, so I thought the next bebe-related post should be our nursery inspo!

Keep in mind, I don’t like anything too theme-y (which I got a lot of slack for with our wedding as well… everyone wants to know a theme lol), but, as I said to one of my girlfriends, if I had to name the nursery I would say we’re going for a ‘minimalist treehouse’ lol. We also have always referred to our future kids as little jungle babies (I just envision them naked on the beach lmao), so this feels right for us.

This was kind of the kick off point for our nursery inspo (but won’t be quite as monochrome)
pc @eatsleepwear

Think lots of neutral shades (black, white, cream) natural wood, and plants with some fun elements (will be sharing more on exact items in an upcoming registry post!). Not only is this in line with the rest of our home, but will allow us to accent with some more colour once baby arrives and we know if it’s a little boy or girl 🙂 Plus, I hear babies are colour blind and black and white is really stimulating for them?

ANYWHO, see below for some images of our nursery inspo & would love to know your thoughts! As always, you can follow along with all updates in real time via insta, xx.

Obvs an older kids’ room, but love the idea of incorporating a map/travel element
pc @j.annephotography
LOVE this room. Actually bought this light & returned bc it would behead Ryan with the ceiling height in the new house lol. Still on the fence re: a wallpaper….
pc @ciarachanelself
Again, slightly too monochrome, BUT love how unique. Also, a huge fan of batman so there’s that (my old car was named Bruce Wayne).
pc @iamnicolelevine
Very into this artwork lol & the inclusion of some animals (jungle like this vs. barnyard)
pc @erinfetherston
Like the whimsy of this one with the greenery. pc @halfway_wholeistic
This + some more greenery + modified artwork is def the vibe.
pc @leclairdecor

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