Bump-Friendly Pieces + Tips To Shop

Wanted to share a quick post on bump-friendly pieces + tips for shopping for them because to be honest, it’s been a major adjustment/challenge for me and one that I’ve gotten a lot of questions about which makes me think it is for you all, too (especially now that I’m 6 months & definitely showing!!).

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Ok, so, I have been asked a ton what retailers I’ve been having success with when shopping for bump-friendly picks, and it’s not too far off from my regular; Zara, H&M, Free People, ShopBop, etc. I have gotten a bunch of non-maternity items here that I will still be able to wear in the coming months and post-baby (this is really important for me as far as cost-rationale but also to avoid being wasteful). Some other spots that I’ve found great non-maternity options at are Banana Republic (sizes run large here which helps), and Vici who has a whole ‘bump-friendly’ section that is SO helpful.

TIP: aside from Shop Bop/Vici which are strictly e-retailers, I can’t stress enough how much in-person shopping has become a necessity. I was devastated to have no luck with a massive Zara order and then went to return in store, took some time to try stuff on, and had a really successful haul. Make the effort to go in!!

As far as actual maternity options, I’ve only really gotten a couple of comfy pieces from Gap (so cheap & so soft!) and denim from Hatch which is a bit pricier but well worth the spend to have a quality pair that will last the rest of my pregnancy (they also have GORG occasion dresses that I will consider for my best friend’s wedding in the fall).

Since we’re currently on our babymoon, I’ve also gotten a lot of maternity swimwear questions, and spoiler, I don’t have any. I bought no new swimwear for this trip which is partly due to being busy and partly due to that I have so much already I was determined to make it work lol.

TIP: I found bikinis were actually way more bump-friendly than my current one pieces because obviously the belly isn’t taking away material from elsewhere (I also found them more comfortable bc how hot I am at the beach right now!). If like me, you also are dealing with some serious bust enhancement as a result of being pregnant lol, I found options that tie (straps and back piece) were KEY and also anything where the cups can be manipulated to sit where you need are the most bump-friendly… I had a lot of side boob happening, but string bikinis have been my preference so far 🙂

That’s it so far! You can shop all my pics with the links above (under the graphic), and would love to hear anywhere you had luck shopping for bump-friendly pieces as well! xx


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