Second Trimester Recap – Oh, Baby!

In a few days, I’ll be 28 weeks pregnant (!!) and officially in the pregnancy homestretch.. I honestly don’t know where the time has gone, but thought it a good idea to share my second trimester recap while it’s fresh —

A fave snap from our babymoon in Bermuda

I am definitely of the camp that found this to be a ‘sweet spot’ so far, in that almost all of my not-so-nice symptoms from the first trimester did subside (thank baby Jesus!!). I have still had bouts of anxiety but trying to cut myself some slack given everything else we’ve had going on. I’ve also heard that the third trimester tends to revert back to how your first trimester was (which freaks me out, and I randomly barfed this morning for the first time in months) but we’ll cross that bridge when we get there, y’all!

As far as net new symptoms, I’ve had something called round ligament syndrome which is thankfully not serious (& apparently quite common), but still uncomfortable af. It basically feels like a sharp muscle pain or pull in your abdomen when you move too quickly, or twist in bed or stand up fast, etc. etc. Otherwise, aside from WILD foot pain (my heels legit have a heartbeat at the end of the day), I honestly can’t complain. I’ve been sleeping a lot better and through the night again, and I have our blood test to check for gestational diabetes next week, but feel pretty confident that my diet and weight gain seem on track (fingers crossed!). Dressing myself has become a bit more limited, especially because I’m trying to avoid overbuying maternity pieces, but I’m finding summer dresses the easiest way right now!

The best part of the second trimester was hands down when Ryan felt the baby for the first time 🙂 One of those once-in-a-lifetime moments that helps to overshadow all the hard pregnancy stuff. Luckily, the baby is super active so now we feel it dancing around all the time and a few of our friends and family have got to feel it as well.

Another highlight was our babymoon to Bermuda — still feel the same about the island as I did last year, but I will say it was so nice to be somewhere and not worry about zika. It felt a bit like a pregnancy congregation lol, but if you’re considering it as a babymoon spot the Fairmont was really convenient (private beach, shuttles everywhere, lots of restaurants onsite) so overall I’d recommend it!

Lastly, we are capping off the second trimester with our baby shower this weekend! It is a low-key, co-ed ‘Ba-by-Que’ and I’ll be sharing on it and some of the fun details soon on insta. Have already shared on our nursery inspo, but will also share on our registry shortly! Any q’s, let me know! xx


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