Registry Round-Up: Preparing for Baby

Now that we’ve had our baby shower, most of the things we needed/wanted to get Baby T’s room together are in the building lol! When I first announced we were pregnant and what content you guys would be interested in, one of the most asked was a registry round-up. I think that’s probably because A LOT of thought goes into making one, and especially when it’s your first baby there are unlimited options and opinions. 

All that to say, I am by no means an expert, and obviously our baby hasn’t even arrived, but I did do a lot of research to land on the items I’m sharing below so hope you will find them helpful. I plan to update on their actual usage come fall as well, so until then, happy shopping!! x 

The registry round-up essentials are IMO the most important of all the items, and I tried to focus on ones that I’d need immediately for baby’s arrival. The bassinet has all the smart features I was looking for with a still reasonable price tag, is pretty neutral aesthetically and has see through sides and can swivel over our bed (which I kept seeing from moms as super helpful for leaning over and seeing baby in the night). I have also since bought the newborn insert for this. The stroller was probably the most researched item of everything just given what an investment it is – I find strollers in particular to be a totally personal decision but I wanted something compact and easy to collapse/lift for when Ryan isn’t with me or when we travel (yes, we still plan to travel with kids don’t at me lol), that doesn’t take up a huge footprint in our front entry which is pretty narrow and that is easy to maneuver. Go with what is right for you – I had so many friends try to sell us on certain popular brands that I’m sure are great but have wheels bigger than a car lol (no bueno for me). I also loved that this stroller could be personalized a bit (canopy colour, hand grips, wheels, etc.). Ryan picked the carrier and I’ve since ordered a wrap style one as well for at home which I hear is v helpful. Lastly, I’ve heard from countless people that the Momaroo (no. 4) is a literal lifesaver, so we’re going to give it a try!

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The nursery musts are still definitely important to the registry round-up, but are more of a mix of function and aesthetic. As you may remember from our nursery inspo post, we plan to keep everything pretty gender neutral and consistent with the vibe of the rest of the house. I went with the Keekaroo changing pad bc as the queen of convenience, I wanted something easy to wipe that wouldn’t require switching a cover every change or explosive poop. The baby cam was also the result of a lot research, and is super well reviewed. I personally had no idea that a wipe warmer was a thing lol, but apparently for night changes especially in fall/winter it’s a game changer bc it won’t shock baby into being fully awake and fussy. Last thing I’ll call out here is of course the books!! As big readers, Ryan and I definitely plan to pass on that love to baby, and kiddo’s library is already looking pretty impressive. I’ve included a separate shop carousel below just dedicated to books with some of my all time faves.

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Last but not least, the bath + fun items on the registry round-up are super cute, but also as natural as I could find – obviously want to avoid chemicals, dye and any yucky stuff that could irritate baby as much as possible. Love the whole Honest line for that reason which is now more readily available at Canadian retailers (yay!), and Pampers Pure is looking like our brand of choice for now. And don’t forget a baby-friendly unscented detergent to wash all clothes once baby comes but also before you use them the first time 🙂

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What do you think? Helpful? Any existing moms with thoughts on anything I’m missing?! Or something here that they didn’t end up using?


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