Reno Talk – What I Would & Wouldn’t Do Again

I know there’s been a LOT of baby-related content as of late, but truthfully it’s still reno talk that’s taking up a lot of our day-to-day brain (and man) power — we’ve been in the new house for about a month now and are still getting through some of the final projects (full reveal coming soon, promise!!) but I definitely have already identified some things I will definitely do again on the next build, and some that I wouldn’t. Read on for some (real) reno talk, and do let me know any questions or tips from your own experiences and what you would appreciate as a buyer 🙂 x


be a savvy shopper – whether to live in personally or flip, watch for sales, shop around, look for similar products at mass stores vs specialty, etc. We saved so much (ex. appliance sales, paint for 20% off or identical shower tiles for literally 1/5 of the price)
spend to open up the space as much as possible. I still think removing the weird bulkhead in the front hallway and wall separating kitchen/dining are the most impactful changes of the whole house
go with stand-out tiles – I know the contractors hated my choices because they required a lot of cuts, and it wasn’t cheap, but I love all our tile choices
add a powder room – this might sound weird if you don’t live in Toronto (or a similar market), but a lot of old properties don’t have them. I wouldn’t want a house without one personally, and I think all buyers would feel the same, so a great spend regardless IMO. Can be small but mighty!! I think ours here is just enough.
second. floor. laundry. SO clutch. Would love to have made more storage space in there if the floor plan permitted. In the next house I’d love still a closet but horizontal placement of appliances if possible versus stacked, so I could put some shelving/extra storage on top
pot lights. I was indifferent and Ryan pushed for re-sale purposes and now I really love them (he was right lol). Dimmers are a must, though!!
new windows/doors – obviously this depends on the state of the existing ones, but beyond that ours needed it, it does make a difference with sound/insulation (& aesthetic.. would def do black trim again even though more $$)
exposed kitchen shelving – I know not everyone’s cup of tea bc you have to keep them presentable, but I like all our serveware and would definitely do more exposed in the next house (or at least some if it’s another flip)
pot filler!!! I’ve only used it twice but whatever, live your best life I say. & based on my recent reno talk insta-poll, you guys agree 🙂
backyard walk out – we turned existing windows into doors, and again, was an added cost but def adds value. I’m planning a very elaborate pool situation at the next house if it’s for us, so will be necessary ehehe
tech stuff – upgraded thermostat, alarm system, etc. All musts.


wood burning fireplace – I LOVE the look and love real fires (plus, it was already what was in this property so was a cost save to keep and restore vs replace), BUT ultimately I’m a convenience gal and would opt for gas inside for my personal home and just do a fire pit out back
wood floors (depending on situation*) – it definitely does add a palpable warmth, but ultimately we did hardwood for resale purposes. If the next build is intended to be our home long term, I would truthfully be ok with laminate for our own family. There are such good options now-a-days that look great and are so inexpensive, durable and easier to maintain (again, I like convenience… and dogs lol). However, if to sell, would definitely do wood again!
white tiles for master bath floor – I love the final look and the tile shape we went with (hex) but in retrospect, wish I had chosen the same in a different tone. The white shows every hair, drip of water, etc. and I feel like I have to vacuum and mop non-stop. Would still do in a secondary bath.
handheld shower head option in master bath – I got used to one in our condo, and while I LOVE the hardware we put in the master bath here, wish I had found something that looked the same with the handheld piece as well (this is totally personal preference)
– Wish I had been more particular with outlet placement in reno talk with our electrician… I give myself a pass since we weren’t originally planning to move into this one and there are a lot of outlets to be fair, but there are a handful of places I wish I had something different just based on our own furniture and belongings.
– Ryan will say we should have left a screen on the front door lol, but even with the occasional bug flying in I would go without again for looks 🙂


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