Why I’m Changing My Last Name

This is something I’ve gotten a lot of questions about since we’ve been married for about 8 months now (everyone from friends, work colleagues, and mostly Ryan lol) and I wanted to share a little personal post on why I’m changing my last name — 

I consider myself a very modern woman so this wasn’t something I had ever really put a lot of thought into (nor was getting married really until it happened), but I’m also not particularly attached to my name so there was the option for me. I actually didn’t even register to be sent our formal marriage certificate (which you need) until last month. 

Ultimately though, why I’m changing my last name is because Ryan and I are a team and I think it’s special for that to be reflected and also, it’s really important to him (wife of the year over here). Also, I’m not really into hyphenated options – our names together would be long and I just find that annoying to write out on every form, signature tbh. 

More practically, since we have a baby on the way, it makes things like doctor visits, travelling, school pick ups, etc. SO much easier if my last name is the same as theirs. Really not trying to have someone question if my baby is mine, espesh being they will already be mixed race, bc I will go OFF lol. 

Lastly, I will say, I’m also lucky that I married someone with a nice last name – not saying it would have changed my decision (maybe lol), but Michelle Buttkisser for example, would be a NO bueno. It’s a super personal decision but I’m glad to say it’s official! Also, hot tip, go ready to take a new pic that will be used across ALL your photo id and sign your new signature. I was very unprepared lol, x. 


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