What I Packed In My Hospital Bag

Hello, hello! Wanted to share this post as a hopefully helpful resource for other mom-to-be’s because I found it challenging to get organized with what I packed in my hospital bag — keeping in mind our baby hasn’t come yet, I don’t know which of these things will be most useful, but I did a lot of research and have gotten lots of advice from friends who are already moms multiple times over, as well as the childbirth classes we took at our hospital.

To start, I packed all of my/Ryan’s stuff in one overnight bag, and then the stuff for the baby in it’s diaper bag. Thought that would help keep it organized and easy to locate everything as we needed it.

For myself, I packed all of my regular toiletries in travel size, but the hospital mentioned that unscented options are less offensive to the baby especially as you’re trying to nurse so I opted for an unscented natural deodorant, and baby shampoo/body wash/lotion even for myself. Of course, also bringing long pads for post-birth, lip balm, face wipes, hair ties, Kleenex and disposable wipes. I bought a loofah that can be left behind and travel toothbrushes for Ryan and I as well.

I also had so many people tell me that it was really nice to have something cozy and functional to wear, so I’ve opted for these nursing tanks that don’t require a bra as well, these pj pants and slippers. I also will be bringing flip flops for the shower/bathroom (ocd although we had a tour of our birthing suite and it’s very nice). Lastly, I got some new comfy, soft, seamless underwear in dark colours, including some high waisted options (apparently, high waisted is great if you end up needing a c-section because regular ones can hit right at the incision). Still haven’t decided on my going home outfit but will likely just be something comfy!

Some less obvious items I’ve packed in my hospital bag are: a pillow (apparently the ones at the hospital are kind of trash lol and I’m sleeping with about 5 right now so), change for the vending machines and quiet* snacks for during triage but also for Ryan to eat once we’re admitted since I won’t be able to at that point and don’t want to bite his head off 🙂 I also grabbed this cup, because it’s collapsible so doesn’t take up too much space in the bag AND has a bendy straw which is hard to find and apparently is nice if you decide on an epidural because you can’t really sit up to sip.

For the baby, most important is having the car seat so you will actually be allowed to leave lol — ours is this one and fits into our stroller (we went with the Bugaboo bee5). Otherwise we brought zip-up onesies in a few different sizes, no scratch mitts, receiving blankets, a couple outfit options for going home (yay!!) and some hats, and diapers, wipes and bum cream in case baby needs a change.


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