Peach Picks

Happy Monday, pals! I mentioned a whiiiiile ago that I wanted to do more quick peach picks like this to share stuff that I’ve been loving/buying, and make it easily clickable for you to check out + shop too — now that I’m on mat leave, I’m going to try to stick to it!

Drop me a little note in the comments below or on insta to tell me if you like this style of peach picks posts, xx. 🙂

:: great quick read on 10 SEO best practices

:: an oldie but goodie home tour that I clicked on while looking at more recent posts on Rip & Tan — fun fact, home tours are my absolute fave thing to peruse every week online.

:: a recipe for the padsicles I will be prepping in my freezer this week for after baby arrives (TMI, but hey, that’s life y’all lol).

:: these chairs were the inspo of the ones I ended up buying for our new dining room at the cozy gables — unfortunately the Canadian shipping rates are mental on these, but if you’re a US reader you’re good & they’re actually on sale!

:: this casserole may be my first comfort food dish to try this season.

:: just finished this book, and loved it! There’s mixed reviews but it’s an entertaining page-turner for sure. It’s on sale right now!


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