Baby Items I Wish I’d Registered For

You all may remember when I was pregnant I shared a post on my registry that I put a LOT of research into — the good news is, now a month and and a half into motherhood I feel like I chose really well BUT there are definitely still some additional baby items I wish I’d registered for originally. These are all baby items that I have bought personally since our daughter arrived and find super helpful on the daily. Hope you will too, and any of these are great gift options for the mom-to-be in your life (unless they have their own registry in which case buy off there ffs) x!

1/ crib sheets – when I built my registry, I tried to focus on items I’d need immediately and while I did select a crib and mattress, didn’t think I had to worry about linens since the baby would be in the bassinet for the first few months. Well, turns out Isla now naps in her crib daily because I want her to get used to it and I can control the light/sound in her nursery and watch her on the monitor so crib sheets are a must. I also didn’t realize how much babies spit up so back ups are recommended.

2/ bottle drying rack – lots of people told me to register for one of these but I didn’t like the popular ‘grass’ looking one and thought I could just use my regular one. Well, now it lives on our counter and gets used non stop. I love how it keeps everything clean and sterile, is dish washer safe, and lets air into the bottles so they dry quickly.

3/ black out blinds – as mentioned earlier, Isla naps in her nursery in the day so these were absolutely key and super affordable and easy to install.

4/ white noise machine – we use this all day long for naps and overnight (can you tell I’ll do anything that encourages sleep? lol). Wanted something that was compact enough to travel with, could be plugged in or used off cord and would run continuously. I was warned about ones that shut off a few mins after they start so am paying it forward. So far, it’s been a very helpful baby item!

5/ cold weather car seat cover – soooo, I forgot where we live clearly lol and was piling like 17 blankets on my kid to step out so this is so convenient and practical. Machine washable and fits in so the straps of the car seat function like normal.

6/ probiotic drops – in fairness, my baby is super gassy to the point it makes her fuss but this is a great baby item regardless and I have lots of friends who had it recommended at the hospital and they used from birth just as a precaution.

7/ baby brezza formula maker – this is more of a splurge baby item and I’m still waiting for ours to arrive, but when we switched to powder formula I quickly realized that it’s tedious to prep even as batches so I’m SO excited for this. Bougie Mom Michelle has arrived and she will pay for convenience lol.

8/ weighted swaddle – this maybe my fave of all the baby items period. Our daughter is SO active she needs to be straight jacketed to sleep or would wake herself up every 5 seconds. This swaddle has two sack sizes built in for the legs, velcro sides and light weights on chest and arms to help soothe the baby. Genius, and I have now bought several.

9/ munchkin latch bottles – I mentioned these on my IG because they’re supposed to help with air/gas and the nipples are designed in stages to make sure your baby isn’t chugging too much. This kit is a wicked value and the only kind we use right now.


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