What’s In My Cart Right Now

Here by popular demand (aka majority winner from my IG poll lol), this is exactly what’s in my cart right now! Not shocking, there’s some new wardrobe staples I’m eyeing, a swim suit I just grabbed (vv into hot pink right now for some reason), something for Isla which actually just arrived and is ADORABLE, and overpriced decor that I’m trying to justify lol.

Those leggings are the best ever and I’m actually buying a second pair because I love them so much. Everything is pretty reasonably priced with the exception of the table lamp, and even though I’m obsessed, would need 2 so am thinking too much?

Happy shopping & please let me know in the comments if you’d like to see more of these what’s in my cart posts! It helps determine what I write for you when you share if you find it useful! x

SHOP | baby girl dress | twist slides | square neck bodysuit | tie up blouse | leggings | table lamp | pink bikini | eye cream | throw pillow | necklace


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