Isla’s Schedule (5 months)

I am shocked at the interest in Isla’s schedule from you guys, but also find it comforting that fellow moms and mom-to-be’s are into baby posts as much as me lol — also, if this brings anyone any kind of comfort that even a semblance of a schedule can exist after the crazy fourth trimester, then I’m thrilled.

I’ll just preface by saying that I’m very much type A so have been pretty strict in trying to establish a routine, but please keep in mind there is daily flexibility with this and we’re all just doing our best! For example, today nap 2 was half in the stroller bc we were still out, and I’m writing this during nap 3 (naturally, with my 2nd coffee of the day). What works for us may not work for you, and I’m aware that this will likely implode shortly as we’re currently transitioning from the swaddle, will be introducing solids in a few weeks AND I’m pretty sure are in the early stages of teething.

Overall though, I’m super happy with Isla’s schedule and how we’re adapting as she grows — it’s really important to me to have some predictability and breaks from constant baby entertaining lol. Would love to answer any of your questions! x

Some additional notes on the above:
+ we are still exclusively on formula and Isla eats between 5.5-6.5oz per feed (about every 3 hours)
+ her first nap of the day is always the longest and the last is the shortest (this is not by design, it’s just her own pattern I’ve noticed) – we aim for about 3 hours total nap time per day right now
+ we usually do bath time every other day, so on days we don’t it’s just longer play time lol
+ Isla only recently started sleeping through the night more consistently, and if/when she wakes up now it’s usually 5AM or later and she can be soothed back easily. We eliminated night feeds when she was about 4 months old. All of our ‘sleep training’ has been via Taking Cara Babies which I can’t recommend enough!


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