My Postpartum Sleep Journey

When I first found out we were having a baby, one of my main thoughts/concerns was how I was going to make it through the newborn phase with the no-sleep horror stories I had heard about. I’m someone who needs solid daily sleep to function (+ also be a nice human being), but what no one told me was that even when we got Isla’s sleep down pat, it was mine that would still be affected. My postpartum sleep completely blindsided me so I wanted to share my experience for other new moms, and more importantly, what has helped me get it back on track!! 

Our Bed Situation 
For some context, pre-pregnancy I was a back sleeper, double pillows and would barely move throughout the night. I was SO excited to be allowed to sleep on my back again when Isla arrived, but most nights I end up turning in a circle all night (back, side, stomach, other side, repeat) and would end up removing all the pillows. A big, and disruptive, change needless to say. 

If you’ve been following me a while, you already know we love our Endy bed, but the no motion transfer has been key for me not waking Ryan as I figure my shit out. The option to remove some of the stuffing from the pillows has also been amazing since it seems I need them flatter than I used to. And maybe most crucial for me, has been the duvet which prevents overheating. My temperature is still all over the place, but especially right after birth, the night sweats were real, y’all! 

I also just want to add, that during our current climate navigating COVID-19, I am so thankful for anything that makes our home cozier, and especially those products that are made in Canada and help support our local economy. 

Sensitivity to Light 
In fairness, I’ve always been pretty sensitive to light when I sleep but it is next level now with my postpartum sleep. I literally have to cover the time on the tv box because it irritates me lol, and even though we have blackout blinds, the sliver of light that still comes through the edges is enough to bother me. A sleep mask is now a MUST for me and makes a HUGE difference, especially in the early morning. I also cover our baby monitor with a shirt or something because even the ‘night mode’ is too bright for me right now.

Take your Vitamins!
Although my mom has been telling me to for years, I finally started taking magnesium nightly and it has hugely helped with postpartum sleep anxiety. Even now that Isla sleeps really well most nights, I wake in a panic at some point, look at the baby monitor, realize she’s totally fine, and then am on the struggle bus to fall back asleep myself. I find that taking the magnesium takes the edge off and allows me to doze back off way more easily. It almost kind of makes you groggy, but not in a gross or not-able-to-function Nyquil way if that makes sense.

Establish a Wind-Down Routine 
Lastly, having a wind-down routine has also really helped to correct my postpartum sleep issues. I’ve always showered at night, but getting into bed clean, and turning my phone on do not disturb for at least 30mins before I’m actually ready to go down is essential (put it face down and do not pick it back up until morning!! I did this even when we still had night feedings). I also apply my eye cream/hand cream/lip balm, in bed and will put on a show or read for a bit before it’s lights out to help relax. 

I hope this helps any fellow mamas (or anyone really) who is having some sleep issues right now! Postpartum sleep is no joke and I wish you all nothing but sweet dreams! Hit me with any questions, x!

This post is in partnership with Endy, but all thoughts are my personal and unbiased opinions. 


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