Must-Haves for Social Distancing Walks w/ buybuy BABY

Right now one of the few things keeping me sane is daily (sometimes twice daily!) social distancing walks with Isla. Aside from that and groceries every other week, I haven’t been leaving the house at all so we both really look forward to them. But if you’re a new mom you know that getting out the door can be a hassle in itself — 

Luckily, I’ve stocked up on some must-haves that make social distancing walks a breeze, even with a little one, and wanted to share in hopes it will help some fellow mamas + inspire you to get out and enjoy the summer season safely! All of my must-haves are available through buybuy BABY Canada & this post is in partnership with them, but all thoughts are my personal and unbiased opinions.

First and foremost, you need a kick-ass stroller – if you’ve followed me for a while you’ve likely heard me rant about how I love our Bugaboo Bee5, and I’m literally reminded of it every time we take a walk. It’s very easy to open, but what’s even better is it’s SO light. We have five steps from our door to the driveway and I can lift the stroller with Isla in it on my own so I’m able to strap her in inside (so much easier). The canopy on the stroller comes in a bunch of colours which is fun, but it’s SPF50 protection which gives me so much peace of mind for the extra sunny days. I shot the pics in this post on a nice day, but the Bugaboo rain cover means not even the weather can rain on my walking parade (& was so helpful in keeping the bugs by the lake away this season).

Another walk must-have is a stroller organizer, and I’ll be honest, I was late to the game on this one and now that I have one I’m like ‘where have you been all my life?!’ It’s perfect for keeping your phone, water, keys, sunglasses, and whatever you need for the LO. Including another one of my must-haves which is SPF. I am the sunscreen police for my friends already so of course my daughter would not be spared. I originally went with thinkbaby because I wanted something mineral-based but have been so impressed with the protection (I literally have to scrub it off her at the end of the day), and we don’t head out on a walk without it on. 

Lastly, a walk must-have you need is a paci clip. For the most part, Isla really enjoys being in the stroller and is happy just taking in the change of scenery (thanks for nothing, COVID!), but no one wants to be the mom who has to carry her kid home in her arms whilst pushing the stroller lol, so this helps. If she ever starts fussing, it’s easy to soothe her and she can’t whip it out onto the street. We have lost many pacis, hair ties and other items that way, let me tell ya. 

So that’s our daily walk checklist! Would love to hear your must-haves for walks, too!! & any other ways you’re getting out with babies for the summer! x


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  1. Manuela
    July 3, 2020 / 1:46 pm

    Luv this!!

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