How I’m Living More Mindfully

I was surprised that so many of you voted for this topic when I did my insta poll, but also really happy because I wanted to write it – I think covid has caused us all to slow down a bit so I’ve been doing my best to live more mindfully. Not to say I wasn’t before, but just trying to be conscious about things like self care, our household consumption, what I’m putting on/in my body, etc. Here are some of the (very easy) things that I’ve been doing to live more mindfully, that will hopefully inspire you to make positive changes of your own! 

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Switching all my products to ‘clean’ 
This is something I’ve done a bit over the last few years (like switching to natural deodorant, for example), so it just felt kind of weird to not do it for other things too. Plus, only using all-natural products for Isla kind of pushed me to just do it for myself as well. It is a little more expensive for sure, so I’ve just been changing out items as I run out of my current ones to make it more manageable. So far I’ve switched a bunch of my skincare and makeup (loving this multi stick), switched to unbleached tampons (so important and these work great and actually cost the same as a regular pack and can be prime’d), and even got a few plant-based cleaning products (making your own water-vinegar solutions is also great and non-toxic!!).

Ordering less (& more strategically) online 
Ok, so covid made me an online shopping maniac (especially in the earlier stages) and I was actually disgusted at how much waste/recycling we were generating just off packages and deliveries. Understanding that we were in a position where we had to order everything, I still wanted to approach it more mindfully. What that meant for me was cooling the emotional shopping, which is also just smart for finances, and no one-item purchases!! I was definitely guilty of abusing Amazon prime because it’s so easy to basically have anything you need or forgot to grab in a bigger order delivered immediately, and it was creating a LOT of extra packaging. So now I’ll wait until I need more things to place a larger order. 

Moving my body daily 
I think this one speaks for itself, and has such a huge impact on my mental state it’s unreal. I kind of fell off my daily workouts when we were displaced for house showings, but am back into it now. Between a quick 30 mins workout (I use this program at home) and daily walks with Isla, I feel like a much happier human being lol. I’ve also been adding in restorative yoga to make sure I’m stretching enough!

I’m actually embarrassed to say that starting composting was one of Ryan and my goals for 2020, but even though we were late to the game, we are so diligent now and LOVE it. Not only is it good for the environment, it actually means that our garbage doesn’t stink at all anymore and has to be changed way less frequently. Also, for my fellow new mamas, diapers in Toronto are compostable!! Check your city’s website for what is allowed to go in your composting bin, but I highly recommend trying it out as it’s such an easy way to live a little more mindfully and so many products are made to be compostable now (like your daily coffee pods!!). 

Friend Swaps
As you know, I read a lot and love print copies of books, but as a result I feel obliged to pass copies I’ve read along for more use. Luckily, I have lots of friends who have been very willing to swap with me and it’s been working out great!! The same can be said for clothes and baby stuff to friends who’s kids are a bit younger than your own. I just offered my girlfriend some nearly new bikinis I’m not wearing, and have benefited from hand me downs for Isla (thankfully) on short-lived stuff like her jolly jumper. 

Still limiting plastic 
Again, I know this one is hard with covid, but I’ve still been trying!! For example, I’m still using reusable produce bags OR none for items with peels (I’m washing them all so thoroughly anyway). Also, while it would be easier than always disinfecting our reusable ones, I’m really happy to say that we have remained a no plastic water bottle household! 



  1. November 20, 2020 / 6:51 pm

    I love the friend swaps idea 🤗

    • michelle
      November 20, 2020 / 8:18 pm

      Right? So good and I’ve personally done it a lot over covid and it gives the items a new life and is fun for us to have something new 🙂

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