Gifts for Him – Holiday 2020

I cannot believe it’s already holiday shopping time, but with the year we’ve had, I think we can all agree it will be nice to spread some cheer to our loved ones! I thought I’d start off this year’s gifting series with ‘Gifts for Him’, since it’s often the one I’m told is the most difficult.

If you’ve shopped my gift guides before, you’ll know that I like I mix of practical essentials with some luxe options as well. That could not be more true for these Gifts for Him because they are 90% things that I would/do actually buy for my husband who is a very practical, not flashy ‘guys guy’, but someone I’ve also now made slightly bougie lol. And if you’re wondering which items I wouldn’t get him, it’s just basically anything to do with the kitchen bc that is not his forte but I know a lot of you have guys who it is so I like to include it 🙂

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Just for reference, I buy those exact socks + undies for Ryan every year, he has that crewneck in a million colours (wore it at Isla’s birthday lol), and has multiple of those water bottles. A cordless snowblower and ipad were his actual asks this year, and I personally LOVE that personalized book for the new dads & the vintage style board game (which comes in different games as well!).

Happy shopping & more guides to follow soon! Please let me know how you liked this one!
x Michelle


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