What I Want – Holiday 2020

Last but not least for this year’s gift guides, I’m sharing what I want for holiday 2020. This also serves as a great gift guide ‘for her’, and I can vouch for the quality of almost all these items already bc I’ve bought them for myself (woops lol!).

If you follow my stories, you’ve seen me share several times on the skincare set, slippers, sleep mask and hair dryer brush (all amazing + such great price points for gift giving). I’m super excited for the winter coat and both those boots bc I really needed a new snow pair and it took me a few tries to get a cream combat pair I liked. You also may remember I was struggling to find quality knit items for holiday 2020 and all the ones included fit the bill. Hope santa (aka Ryan), brings me those fancy pjs, rings and of course, I always have a long wishlist of coffee table books.

I hope this will ease your shopping burden & bring you or the ladies in your life some holiday cheer! If you have any sizing q’s, let me know! x

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