Convertible Car Seat – Our Pick + Deliberation

I really wanted to dedicate a full-length post to the topic of switching to a convertible car seat bc it’s something that required a lot of research on my part & that you all expressed you too needed some help with. This is one of those rare baby purchases that will actually last beyond ‘baby,’ & covid makes it extra tough bc you can no longer try them out in your car with your kid AND they’re usually final sale (which is a good thing bc last thing you’d want is a tampered with + returned car seat, am I right?). 

I’ll just get right into the one we chose and some of the features that tipped the scale, and will then list some of the contenders as well for those who maybe have slightly different preferences. I firstly want to say though, I realize that we went with one of the more expensive ones on the market & that’s not to say you need to – at the end of the day, all brands have to pass the same safety standards so whatever choice works for your fam is what’s best! I just felt really good about the features in this one & it had great reviews on every site. 

So, the convertible car seat we went with is the Nuna Rava. I will be posting a short video of the seat to my IG so you can see it live, but these are my fave things about it: 

+ super easy adjustments – one of my qualms with our bucket seat is that when it’s clicked in the car it’s a really hard angle to tighten the straps. I went into store to play with some convertible car seats (sans baby) before I pulled the trigger, and the recline, headrest & harness straps all were like butter on the Nuna. 

+ full steel frame & materials tested for chemical emissions – I get this isn’t a concern for everyone, but I’ve been v aware of pieces for Isla (especially those that she spends a lot of time in, like her crib, for example) that are certified low emissions. 

+ happy medium size – as far as width, the Nuna Rava is not as wide as other contenders (like the Britax, which I will get into), but not as narrow as a Clek. I definitely didn’t want something too bulky, but we drive all large vehicles so it wasn’t a concern for fit, even if down the line we have more babies. Again, this is totally dependant on your fam and vehicle. I also didn’t like the super thin models that didn’t have winged sides.. they just look like half-finished shells to me and make me uncomfortable. Personal preference, all are safe and I get if you have 3 bebes in the back it’s necessary. 

+ strap & cup holders – I think quite a few models had these, but just something that makes everyday usage less annoying so I like it. Basically keeps the harness pinned open while you’re pulling your baby in and out. The cup holders are collapsible here so nice add-on as well. 

+ EXTRA LEG ROOM PIECE – this is honestly one of my fave features bc Isla is tall (like 95th percentile since she was born), so adding an extra few inches that will allow her to be comfortably rear-facing longer is huge for us. If your kid is short, prob not a big deal but I love this. Head to my IG video to see it in action if you’d like 🙂

Ok, and now to the runner-ups with a few thoughts: 
RUNNER UP: Maxi-Cosi Pria 3-in-1 
This was the one that we almostttt went with. I’m already comfortable with the brand bc it is what we had for Isla’s bucket seat and I loved the value piece that it can eventually convert to a booster. But when I went in store, the girls there told me that if my daughter is super tall not to buy for that reason bc either way when the time comes she will have probably outgrown the torso/head rest section and I’ll have to buy a booster anyway. So at that point the Nuna won out, but I watched videos of this one in action and it also looked very plush & comfy!!

OTHER CONTENDER: Britax Boulevard Clicktight 
This was on my radar bc someone told me it was v similar to the Nuna at a slightly lower price point (which of course piqued my interest to investigate lol). It is a bit bulkier like I mentioned earlier, which isn’t ideal but honestly not a dealbreaker for our car sitch. It seemed to me though that the main selling feature of this one is the ease of installation & transferring from vehicle-to-vehicle. This isn’t something that we will be doing too often (maybe only if I’m going somewhere at some point with my sister in her car), and definitely not on a regular basis between Ryan and myself. If you’re someone who switches a lot with your partner, grandparents, etc. may be worth looking into, but ultimately the other features I mentioned in the Nuna were more important to me. 

If you have social media, chances are you’ve seen Clek lol. I won’t lie that’s originally what put me on to the brand, but after my research it is definitely a quality brand as well. It is a fantastic option if space saving/multiples is a top priority. Ultimately though, I don’t love the super narrow sides like I mentioned (just a weird perception thing for me) and I have friends who said despite the price tag and hype, they didn’t LOVE it, so that also was in the back of my head. I also read on the Clek site that to recline in rear-facing “it may be necessary to place a rolled towel or pool noodle under the Foonf’s base at the seat to achieve an acceptable recline level.”…. that seems annoying AF to me and the Nuna has one touch swivel recline and no hard-to-adjust level. 

I really hope this helps any moms going through the convertible car seat decision bc it is a long-lasting and expensive baby purchase!! Once again, I truly feel you can’t go wrong with any of the above options or most of what’s on the market and you know what features are best for your family. If you have any questions, drop me a comment and if I have insight I will do my best to help. Lastly, just want to say that this post is NOT sponsored and I am not a convertible car seat or safety expert. This is just my personal experience 🙂 x


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