Isla’s Schedule (15 months)

Hello, hello! Have been getting so many DMs about Isla’s schedule nowadays, and since I haven’t shared one since she was 5 months (!!), thought it a good time to. This outlines her sleep + I’ve included some notes on her meals & what I usually make for her since that’s also a very popular Q lately. We just dropped down to one nap in the last couple weeks, but happy to answer any q’s about that/the transition if you’re nearing the end of your 2 nap schedule as well. 

So, at-a-glance, here is Isla’s schedule currently (almost 15 mos): 

Some notes: 
+ for breakfast, we usually do breakfast potatoes with toast, a fruit and a veggie (avo, tomatoes, etc). It used to be eggs in place of a veggie, but lately she’s not into them (ok, boss). If your kid still is into eggs, I usually did a simple scramble with some cheese, or hard boiled. Days when Ryan is watching her while I’ll cook, I’ll do pancakes (plain, or with banana or blueberries). These are great to batch freeze and just reheat as well. I haven’t given her syrup yet and she likes it just fine without.

+ for lunch, it’s usually leftover protein (chicken or fish), with a veggie and fruit OR a grilled cheese or quesadilla. For the veggies, it’s usually sweet potatoes, carrots or cherry tomatoes. For the fruits, I constantly have baked apples, bananas and blueberries on hand. In the summer, we were basically exclusively strawberry and peaches, so really just whatever is in season. 

+ snacks consist of sharing something I’m eating lol, or banana and peanut butter, puffs, or a smaller portion of leftovers I mentioned above. I shared these snack catchers on my stories that we love. 

+ for dinner it’s a less seasoned version of whatever I make for us – roasted veggies, protein of some sort, lasagna, different variations of pasta, meatballs, etc. I had some one ask if I give her store bought tomato sauce, and if that’s what I’m using I will, but for the most part I just use crushed tomatoes and season them myself for our sauce which is a bit cleaner if that’s a concern. Oh, and chicken parm. Isla LOVES chicken parm and it’s an easy option to bake and use for lunch or din. 

+ since she’s only on two bottles now, I give her a lot more water to make sure she’s hydrated. We use this sippy cup and like it the best of all the ones we’ve tried. 

Hope this is helpful! Any q’s, don’t hesitate to drop a comment below, x!


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  1. Manuela
    December 9, 2020 / 1:33 am

    So lovely, great meal plan and very healthy. You are a great momma!
    Thank you fior sharing!

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