Tips for Purging Your Closet

While I may not be the expert on a lot of things, I AM the queen of purging. Sometimes, I even do it a little too well where later on I go “oh shit, where’s that X”. But the point is, I am the opposite of a hoarder and therefore am here to share some tips for purging your closet that you can hopefully apply in a less extreme way lol. 

Let’s get right into it: 

1 – No duplicates!
I know a lot of people will hate me for this one (my sister, especially lol), but I am not of the belief ‘if it looks good, buy it in every colour’. What that does IMO, is land you with a wardrobe that you get tired of all at once AND has you looking like a ROYGBIV clone of yourself, and not in like a cute minimal capsule wardrobe kind of way. Like with most things, a few exceptions here is ok – think, your fave style of workout leggings, or denim (in different washes, though!), but for the most part, steer away and get rid of the colours that you wear the least or overlap the most with other stuff you have. 

2 – Toss anything in bad condition 
If it’s ripped, stained, pilling excessively, or the like, it has to go. I don’t care how much you love it, it will not serve you better than other things in your closet. I am also here to tell you, you don’t need more than a HANDFUL (5), of these pieces that become ‘house’ clothes. And don’t you dare say you’ll use it to paint lol. I paint more than most and you don’t need a whole drawer of options for that. 

3 – Think of Fit 
I’m not going to preach any tips for purging that are more preference-based here (I love neutrals for example, but if lots of colour is your thing, I love that for you!), however, what we can all agree on is that if something doesn’t fit you, you’re not gonna reach for it. If you have clothing that does not CURRENTLY fit (& hasn’t within the last 6 months or so), get rid of it. 

Again, obvs there are a few exceptions here (the one that sticks out for me is you recently had a baby), or maybe you’re just shy of getting back in a really special/expensive piece that is a realistic goal in the NEAR future, but otherwise it’s gots ta go. 

I’ll give you a personal anecdote to motivate you – I recently gave my v svelte friend a ton of blouses that no longer fit me. I still loved all of them, but since having Isla, my boobs have stayed bigger and even 15mos later where they fit everywhere else, they were stretching in a not nice way across my chest. Sad, but true lol. 

4 – One year of wear rule 
Super simple concept here: if you haven’t worn it in a year (ie. you went a whole season without wearing it), it needs to go. Covid is the HUGE exception on this one, but you get the point. If you aren’t wearing it at all in the season it’s meant for, you probably won’t the next year either. 
Oh, also doesn’t apply to beautiful occasion wear that still passed the last three tips. I would never suggest you throw out a dress you love to wear to weddings that still fits simply bc you haven’t had a wedding to wear it to. Use your judgement, peeps.

5 – Items that need regular refreshing by nature 
I think this one is a tricky one for a lot of people bc most people don’t love to spend on essentials or items you don’t see (so I hear, I am one of those people who loves to lol). But things like white tees or shirts (!), socks (!!) and definitely underwear/bras (!!!), simply don’t last forever. They get stained, lose shape and end up taking up precious drawer space and making nice stuff you wear with it, look not as nice. Ditch it. Better to have a small assortment that you replace every 6mos-1 year and actually like to wear.

6 – Don’t forget the miscellaneous shit 
Ok, so this is the point where you’re now feeling accomplished but also exhausted so you say ‘I’ll get to that later’, but it’s imperative you also tackle your shoes, jewelry and bikinis (so guilty of that last one) with the same vigor. You’ll thank me later. 

WHEN YOU ARE DONE with these tips for purging, please take the stuff in still good condition and upcycle (it will feel like a new item to your friends!), donate (can never go wrong), and the most fun part, make a running list of items you’re ‘allowed’ to buy. I have one in my phone, and especially this past year where I have been extra mindful of what I’m buying, it really helps rein you in and focus on pieces you need to fill gaps in your wardrobe. The other thing that has helped a ton with that (which you know if you follow me on stories regularly), is only buying things that are good quality material. I have legit left behind full carts of things I liked bc they were all crap composition. I get that’s not where everyone is at, but at this point in my life I am reeeeally trying to a) have fewer, better things and b) limit my consumption & waste

So that’s it! I hope these tips for purging help you get a fresh start in 2021 and allows me to be the annoying voice in your head while you clean your closet 🙂
Drop me a comment if you like this, or any of your own tried & true rules! x 


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    January 5, 2021 / 12:51 am

    Love this, so motivating thank you!

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