Updated Exterior Renderings for #HolyGuacamoleHouse

I know you guys have been so invested in our home build process (thank you!), so trust me when I tell you I am beyond thrilled to share our updated exterior renderings! This has been a loooong time coming, because if you follow me on social, you’ll know we had to tweak our design quite a bit to comply with restrictions we received from the conservation board. You’ll see the main change from earlier renderings, is that the house no longer spans over the garage, but I’m so happy we were still able to fit in everything we wanted (& functionally) to our floorplans.

I’m not sharing floorpans right now (& may not tbd.. may just wait until we can physically walk through), but I will share a few thoughts that have been popular questions. Starting with, ‘OK, so when will you break ground?!’ lol. This is the main question I get from you guys & our friends, and I don’t have a definitive answer bc it largely depends on when we will have our committee of adjustments meeting and get build permits once we submit (both of these can take anywhere from 2-4 months each, and for those who don’t know, COA is a step that you have to go through if your design requires any exceptions from what the city allows… in our case, it’s mainly for the height!).

Another question I get a lot of is what was our inspo for the aesthetic of the house. I am ALWAYS looking for inspo – on our walks, on IG, on Pinterest, on TV, in magazines/design books, etc. etc. so I’d say it’s an amalgamation of aspects I’ve loved over the years (yes, years, lol bc it was always our plan to build eventually). Mainly though, I don’t like anything that looks too modern (a peaked roof was a MUST for me), and I really love arches (hence the front door), and thankfully Ryan and I are aligned on as many windows as we can fit lol. We also love the high contrast look of mainly white with the black accents/trim/roof, so that was a no brainer. Our architect has said many times how clear and consistent we are with our design asks so I think that’s a good sign!!

Lastly, a few friends that we’ve shared these with have said “it’s huge!”, and while it’s definitely not a small house by any means (much bigger than any we’ve ever lived in lol), it’s also not massive by build standards. It will be about 3,500 sq. ft + the basement (which we won’t finish right away), so makes sense given we want to make the investment of all the work worthwhile (& have lots of space to entertain when we safely can again). It’s also under what we’re allowed for our lot size but we prioritized keeping lots of yard space (which again, was just always our preference for our family). As I mentioned, the house is tall (3 storeys), so I think that makes it look a bit more impactful, but that was largely because vaulted ceilings on the main floor was a must for me, and that means the 2nd storey is significantly smaller than the other floors.

I really hope you enjoy seeing these updates as we make our way towards construction, and would love to hear what you think about our updated exterior renderings! If you’re renovating, or have, would love to hear about any features that have served you well! As always, drop me a note if any questions, x!


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